Flaunt Your Flaws Rubi Skilton

Rubi shares her story on the power that comes when you embrace your story. You can design your dream life through inspired actions and a whole lot of self confidence. Creating your dream life shouldn't be difficult. Life is to be enjoyed!

ABOUT My name is Rubi, I’m 23 years old and was born with a limb difference. I have one and a half arms and a total of 7 fingers. I’m originally from Texas but moved to LA to pursue music about 5 years ago. Even though I found some success, I was not happy. During my junior high years I subconsciously started being ashamed of my difference. That’s when the long sleeves and sweaters came in. I prided myself in “not caring” what people thought about me and bragged about never crying in public. Imagine the shock I had when I started my self development journey a year ago and found out that everything I knew about myself, was not me. I am now a Self-Love & Confidence Coach. I mentor women who look in the mirror and feel ashamed, disappointment, unworthy. I empower these women to create new habits, practice self-love and build their confidence so they can experience a more joyful life not focused on their flaws.

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