Breaking through fears in business and life Jenny Taylor

About I’m Jenny Taylor and most of you know of me from being the founder of the World Famous Jenny Taylor Boudoir Photography which is the USA Premier Boudoir & Glam Photography Studio over the past decade. I personally own all of the Private, Luxury and Safe Studio’s that are currently located in Chicago, IL + Nashville, TN + Laguna Beach, CA specializing in Transforming the Everyday Woman into a Bombshell. Clients range between 21-85 years old (some even being popular reality stars like Scheana Marie from Vanderpump Rules.) All body shapes, sizes, and ethnicities are welcome to bring any type of wardrobe you feel comfortable in from lingerie to a pretty dress. With 100% Female Team, Full Hair and Makeup and Professional Photographers, I have not only created the most gorgeous photographs you will ever receive but also an Uplifting Confidence Boosting and Empowerment Experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

Back in 2015, I found myself in a Living Hell, and felt trapped in a very Abusive Relationship. I knew that I needed a huge shift in the way I was living my life and decided to do the very hard work of diving deep into my past which lead me into digging up the roots of Anxiety that were crippling me for decades. I has invested over a quarter of a million dollars and hundreds of hours into the study of personal development enlisting only the best therapists, coaches and seminars.

Through my own Personal Transformation, I has birthed my Transformational Life Coaching Company “Sparkle Lifestyle” which includes One on One Coaching and Luxury Women’s Retreats where I give you the tools so that you can uncover the parts of yourself that are holding you back from Living Your Best Life!

I am also the Host of Feel the Positive Podcast and created the popular Facebook group called “Feel The Positive” which is a community 10’s of thousands of members who are all on a journey of Living a Positivity life.

Always remember that YOU ARE GOOD ENOUGH and Worthy of all the things in this Glorious life.

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Do you know your VISIONARY archetype?


Grab a copy of my Bestselling book: The La Dolce Vita Formula: A Woman's Guide to a Fearless and Fabulous Life!

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