Find Your Authenticity and Soul for Success without Burning Out in Your Business

Learn this 3 step method for strategy, authenticity, and soul that women can find success in their business and home life without burning out.

ABOUT Shannel Rivera went from making 9 dollars an hour as a part-time team member, at FedEx, to being the #1 district manager and earning 6 figures within 4 years. Shannel lacked community and mentorship from other women so she created her own community on Facebook and within weeks it grew to having over 25k in engaged members. She took the opportunity of her engaged group to grow and brand a small business- beautyandhustle.

She then added direct sales to her resume and quickly fell in the the top 2% of her direct sales company where she earner well over six figures. Quickly, people started to ask her how and she developed a 3 step method to finding success which she calls SAS. SAS is all about finding success through strategy, authenticity, and soul.

Shannel has taught the SAS method to over 500 clients and it is catching on like wildfire. Women empowerment has become her mission and she is so proud to see huge results from her clients! Finding success through my 3 step method SAS

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Do you know your VISIONARY archetype?


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