Courage to leave your corporate job: Launching your coaching business & following your dreams

ABOUT Nikki Gangemi is a transformational coach and helps heart-centered entrepreneurs get the courage and mindset to leave their day job and fully step into their business.

Through her own journey, Nikki discovered that you alone have the power to transcend all obstacles and access the self-love, confidence, happiness, and peace that were always inside of you.

She uses an inside-out approach and loves watching her clients expand their awareness and become empowered as she guides them on their own journey to reaching new levels of success and abundance in both life and business.

SHOW NOTES My breaking point was I realized it wasn't the air I wanted to breathe.

Authenticity and freedom were key for me to walk away from my job.

It didn't make sense on paper to do it, but I did it anyway.

QUOTES It takes only 90 Seconds for an emotion to run through your body


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