How your nervous system is holding you back from playing on a bigger scale and charging what you&#39

Great time last night on this private Yacht.

πŸ‘‰This is the picture I snapped right before sunset.

I was able to steal a moment to myself and think about the importance of having a clear vision.

I've had some really dark days in my business and life because I wasn't clear on what I really wanted. Not to mention I had beliefs that were creating self-sabotage.

I even stayed in toxic relationships because subconsciously I didn't value myself. (If you're a woman and can relate don't beat yourself up just realize there's a deeper root issue as to why you keep attracting these types of relationships.)

I've realized one of my Superpowers for helping Visionary Leaders who offer a high valued service is showing them the formula on how to create a crystal clear vision. I use neuroscience to show them how to make the right connections in their brain.

Instead of focusing on what you don't want you focus in the place of where you want to be. (Sounds simple but most people are focusing on the wrong things!)

You also have to make empowering DECISIONS based on where you want to be and not your current reality either.

This is why some coaches won't invest in hiring a mentor because their brain can process the overload of being uneasy or they can't see their vision unfolding.

95% of your beliefs, habits, and behaviors come from your subconscious and that's why if there's a battle between your conscious and subconscious the subconscious will always win. (She can be evil!)

Did you know that your nervous system is responsible for this?

Your nervous system creates automatic decisions based on your values which are connected to the subconscious program.

A good example of this is you know you know that by picking up the phone to call that prospective client could bring you $$$$$ ....however, your nervous system kicks in and goes right into watching those dog and cat videos on Facebook. 😁😹🐩

There's that dopamine fix kicking in to soothe that savage subconscious mind and it's no wonder why so many videos of cats and dogs get shared, commented, and liked because the mind is looking for an escape. Sure they are cute but they won't create that vision you've been dreaming about.

The physiology of being stuck... If you perceive a greater risk in your values πŸ™€ than reward your sympathetic system kicks in-the fight or flight response- and you do nothing. (This is why stress is the biggest generator of diseases in the body.)

Living in constant stress will negatively impact your immune system.

When you're stressed and not focused on your success you will go back to primitive stages in your body, brain, and business. Study psychoneuroimmunology and it will change the way you think if you're currently eating stress for breakfast.

This is drilled into your physiology and that's why some people never sit down and work on the most important part of business development and that's connecting their brain to their vision.

You have to REWIRE your brain in order to UPLEVEL your vision.

There's no way around this.

Clients usually come to me because they've invested thousands in marketing programs and can't figure out what's keeping them from the next level of their vision.

You become what you think about all day long.

If you think that getting on stages, attracting high-paying clients and outrageous opportunities will only happen for others but not you then you're right.

You're right because you're not realizing how powerful your brain is and you've been conditioned at a very young age that the struggle is real.

Yes, it's real because your perceptions are firing and rewiring that struggle is your reality.

Don't make yourself wrong either because you can't change anything that you're not aware of first. I think being curious and coming from a place of introspection is a more powerful energy than beating yourself up.

My vision and mission on this planet... One of the reasons why I am on a global mission to help other female visionaries with their work is that now is the time where we can make a real impact.

I call this the Woman's Wave.

I have a crystal clear vision and as a result, it shows up daily. πŸ’₯


I was never good at math in fact my dyslexia had me failing algebra but my disorder forced me to find the order and meaning in life.

That's why I love breaking down formulas in the brain and seeing how they show up in highly successful people.

Success mindset = focused attention, action and believing in oneself to succeed no matter what.

I've spent thousands of hours over the years studying, interviewing, and interacting with successful female visionary leaders and learning about their trials and tribulations. There's no shortcut to success but there's a formula to get there.

πŸ‘‰Why getting clear on your vision is the #1 thing that will set your business on fire and why I believe marketing is necessary but secondaryπŸ‘ˆ

The clarity of your vision will determine where you are going and the brain is set up like a GPS system that will steer you in the direction of your vision. FAIL to work on this like 90% of the coaches and consultants do and you'll find yourself staying small, creating even more self-doubt, never being ready, procrastinating, not raise your prices, charge what you're worth, and live in a void or what I call a mental prison.

When I teach clients my Fearless Visioning process they start ALIGNING with the right people and resources...high paying clients, speaking gigs, and opportunities show up almost as if they were out of the blue. This rewires their nervous system so that they start taking action instead of retracting and overreacting when things don't go 100%.

If you've done this process correctly you will see things ON THE WAY instead of feeling blocked and uncertain.

Are you CRYSTAL clear on your vision?

If yes then awesome you are probably living a purpose-driven life and I will celebrate with you because what you are doing matters.

If not ...then either you don't understand the POWER creating a clear vision or you don't feel worthy and deserving to play on a bigger scale.

You will attract the level of chaos to the degree of your inability to get clear.

πŸ‘‰πŸ’œMy promise to those that see themselves as VISIONARY leaders is that if you are aligned with what you say you want to create then you will get there, I promise.

When you're CLEAR the clients and opportunities appear.

You will also dissolve the fear and embrace the journey of being a visionary leader...

And nothing or NO ONE will stand in your way. 😍

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