How to Breakthrough Your Visibility, Money, & Sales Blocks

Meet Sarah Sheppard a high-level consultant (interior design) who had been stuck in her business for many years until she started working with me. 😃

Her story is so familiar like most visionaries.

You are great at what you do.

You've spent money investing in your business with little or no return.

Or worse giving your high-valued services away for free!

After years of floundering, your partner suggests you get a real job so you give in and you're miserable because you're not being TRUE to yourself.

However, a moment of crisis comes transforms into an awakening..

A death in the family Losing money A toxic relationship You have an illness/disease

In this case, Sarah was in a major accident that caused her to reexamine her life's purpose.

I don't believe that things just happen. I believe you attract circumstances to get you to WAKE UP.

Her wake up call....

She knew she was playing too small and it was her time to shine but she knew she couldn't do it alone.

When you are CLEAR on your VISION there's no stopping you, I promise.

Trust that you have a PURPOSE

Trust that you are here to do extraordinary things.

And most of all trust that you are actually where you need to be you just have to make the DECISION to change.

What you don't see after we did this interview is that she had tears of inspiration. "You changed my life, Heather!"

I cried too because I am here to be a FEARLESS VISIONARY and I work with clients that I love where I can radically transform not only their business but every area of their life is IMPACTED.

"Success starts in your mind first!"

CONTACT Interiors by Sarah (For design consultations & interior transformations)

Looking to get more clients to say YES to your high end offers instead of saying they don't have the money?

Feeling stuck in your fear and overwhelmed on how to push past $100k?

Click here to apply for a Deep Dive Visionary Session

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