How to get out of your comfort zone

ABOUT Diane Randall, M.A., is an author, consultant, college instructor, and professional speaker to busy professionals seeking to strike a healthy, harmonious balance between their work and their “real lives.” She teaches whole life wellness methods via webinars, workshops, as a keynote speaker, and offers private consulting. Diane has shared her insights on life balance, plant-based nutrition, health, and self-care topics with nationally recognized publications, radio shows, and television including the Oprah show.

SHOW NOTES What would it take to step out of your comfort zone and create the life you truly want? Move your life in that direction. Are you experiencing feelings of discomfort deep down in your gut? You know you need to make a change but you just don’t know where to start

As a whole living consultant and author, Diane has taught many people tools and strategies on how to step out of their comfort zones and change their lives on the inside out. This conversation is based on her book "jumpstart your life'.

QUOTES "I stuck to what I wanted no matter what"


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