How she built a business generating $50k a month while having a baby

ABOUT Madeleine Lambert is a world-traveler who, a couple of years ago, decided to settle in her a small tourist town of Collingwood, Ontario. Since moving here, she has launched a business and grown it to $50kMRR.

Content Refined is thriving on a systematic process, and–likewise–Madeleine has been growing her team through a system of "pods". Now, two and a half years into this business, she and her husband have welcomed with their first child (born July 2018). So in addition to fostering a rapidly growing business, she is working on the puzzle of shifting business responsibilities while taking care of maternal needs

You can have a family and a business without sacrificing one for the other. Build a family into your business plan if that's something you want for yourself.

SHOW NOTES How to push past limiting beliefs to take a big risk can help you find your BIG IDEA

How beliefs are ingrained as a child and why it feels scary to take a leap

How to maneuver around judgment and fear of what others might think, including your family

How to make decisions will positively impact your business and bank account

How getting pregnant force her to get her sh*t together and helped her to be a catalyst in generating $50k a month in recurring revenue

QUOTES "Getting pregnant was the best thing that ever happened to me in my business, it forced me to get my sh*t together"

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