How to be 9x more successful in your business by doing this ONE THING

I can't believe 2018 is almost over and we are headed into the New Year.

At the end of each year or during the month of January I make sure I do this ONE THING that allows me to feel aligned with my business which is setting goals for the entire year.

There was an article in Forbes Magazine that explained the Neuroscience of Goal Settling and I did a video about it to on my blog too!

Basically it said that when you write things down it gets stored in the hippocampus (which is part of the limbic system).

This is important for you to know because it's associated with memories, emotion, and motivation.

Which means if you write down your goals correctly you encode it in your brain so that you will take action.

No more wishing or wanting things to happen either.

How do you write your goals down so that actually come true?

I've actually created an entire program around setting goals that are aligned with your vision.

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First you want to have a goal(s) that is in alignment with your highest values.

This is where most people get it wrong because they don't even know what their values are and this is the SECRET to mastering your business in life.. because once you understand your unique formula you will not longer set goals that don't come true.

After you know what goal(s) you are setting you then want to Create Your Fearless Revenue Breakthrough for the entire year but also chunk it down as into Q1, Q2, Q3, & Q4.

Then the next step is to create a 90-day action plan that will help you take action right away.

Your brain likes small chunks of information.

When your brain is overwhelmed you won't take action and I've cracked the code on this so you don't have to be stuck anymore either.

Did you also know when you get someone holding you accountable for your goals you are 76.3% more likely to achieve them?

That's why I created The Fearless Female Visionary Mastermind Yearly Membership.

I am going to help you map everything out, hold you accountable, and breakthrough any of your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from playing on a bigger scale.

This past year was huge for me because I was able to create another business and break it into multiple streams of income and hit my goals by following my own process.

(One of my new businesses, Fierce Femme Wines- A Woman's Wine That Inspires Dialog For Change)

It's unlike any other program because I do something that is radically different.

I show you how to change your business by changing your brain using neuroscience.

Not to mention this program will shift every single area of your life.

Want to get in better shape?

If you understand how your subconscious mind works you can reprogram it for success.

Having issues in your relationships?

I've got the tools to help you shift so that you are standing in your power or letting go of a relationship that no longer serves you.

During this program you will be able to not only focus on your professional goals but also personal.

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Make sure you take action before the investment increases!

This is your chance to spend an entire year with me in helping you create your Fearless Vision.

Here's to living your La Dolce Vita Life!

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