How to be fearless and trust your intuition


“Lead with compassion and compassion only.” This is the mantra that fuels Jen Proctor, Founder & CEO of Cultivated Entertainment, both professionally and personally. Cultivated Entertainment is a full-service talent consulting firm that connects entertainment entities and brands with talent across campaigns, media, events, and more. Jen is an integral part of every synergy created and oversees all accounts. Compassion remains the cornerstone of her business strategy; Jen’s warmth and energy have solidified her as one of the industry’s go-to experts in talent development, casting, producing and booking. Cultivated Entertainment’s clients range from traditional television and production studios to cutting-edge streaming services and global consumer brands. For every project, Jen and her team utilize years of experience, data-driven insights and trend research to go above and beyond client expectations. Complete transparency and client collaboration throughout the entire process are of the utmost importance in all that Cultivated Entertainment does- reinforcing this compassionate mantra.

Jen’s immense knowledge and understanding of talent and the entertainment industry is a culmination of all her work experience prior to the launch of Cultivated. Just before launching the company, Jen was the Head of Talent for Embassy Row, Sony Pictures Televisions’ TV and digital production company. There, she oversaw the development and booking of talent for all productions from inception to completion. She also held roles as Head of Talent for a cable network’s daily talk show, was an Entertainment field producer for Fox News and worked on the talent representation side, on the booking desks of CAA and ICM. There is no such thing as ‘off the clock’ for Jen, she is working every day to create and cultivate new relationships. People are her utmost priority in life and business.


1. Always trust your gut. No matter how far along you are in your career or business, make every decision from your gut- it will never steer you wrong.

2. Put people first. Relationships are everything. The people you work with matter more than any dollar amount.

3. Enjoy it. Pause. Take it all in. Often times we get moving so quickly that we forget to take a minute and relish in the moment.


"There is a place for you and a space for you and if you follow what is innately inside of you, you're going to find it."

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