Secrets to Success & Mindfulness Briana Bragg




Briana is an entrepreneur of over 10 years, having begun her first business while in college in the digital marketing space. Now owning 3 companies marrying Marketing & Mindfulness to create a new space in the marketplace.

A story of perseverance, never compromising my core values, continuing to push on in a male-dominated area in a new industry at 23 years old, finding how to partner with the right people, surround myself with the right support system and team, learning to find solutions amid problems of every kind and never giving up. Always encouraging and empowering others to gain success. Never give up on your dream. If you work hard and keep moving forward every day you will be a success.

I had to learn how to sell in that environment (male-dominated area) to grow my business 4:16

My body said it had enough 13:10

I realized at that point as a business owner that we don't have to kill ourselves to run a successful business 13:47

I studied a lot of types and forms of meditation and began to put together a 3-step process 18:10


"I had to learn how to get a backbone and stand up for myself"

"Right before you go to bed you don't want to flood your mind with negative information"


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