How Women Can Own Their Value Using Neuroscience

I’ve been empowering women for over 15 years now, helping them to master every area of their life and become a fearless leader. I first started in the fitness field where I discovered the power of the mind-body connection. Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of how the mind affects disease and I saw the correlation of women who came through my doors who were unhappy in their lives and how it impacted their bodies. I worked with women to change how they viewed food and their body internally so that they could change externally. It was so profound because the inner work did wonders for transforming various conditions besides weight loss like diabetes, autoimmune diseases, eating disorders and not to mention valuing themselves.

“I realized I could do anything once I put my mind to it”

I had struggled with my weight for many years and I remember thinking that somehow, some way I would crack the code and figure it out. Unfortunately, that road was long and painful because my entire identity was wrapped around my weight. I spent years on countless diets that didn’t work. It wasn’t until I started competing in bodybuilding and fitness competitions where I realized that I could do anything once I put my mind to it. Winning an overall title gave me insight on how my mind controlled my body. I was inspired from my own journey to create programs and books which I sold online to transform women’s lives. The more their self-confidence rose the bigger challenges they were taking on in their life.

I became obsessed with studying the brain and wanted to go to the next level of my business with my mission. I focused my vision on high achieving women because of my own passion to succeed and the internal struggles that I was able to overcome. Some were entrepreneurs and others were climbing the career ladder. I noticed a reoccurring pattern when they were stuck. This opened up an entire process of showing them how to own their value.

For women entrepreneurs, it was showing up powerfully in their space and charging what they were worth instead of creating discounts and deals. Career women had issues with boundaries, speaking their truth and standing behind their work instead of having others take credit for it.

Owning your value is the most important thing you can do as a woman in your business or career. Failure to do it will chip away at your self-worth.

I remember working with one client who wanted to significantly change her prices. She had helped a few Fortune 500 companies generate millions in their companies with her skill set, but when it came to her own value she had no idea how to ask for the sale. She was discounting her expertise and started to doubt herself. One of the things that we did was to change her internal perception of how she saw herself.

In the book Psycho-Cybernetics, by Dr. Maxwell Maltz he discusses how our perception creates our outer world. I find it interesting that many women don’t spend enough time upgrading their mind and would rather eat stress for breakfast. It’s a dangerous recipe for burnout and exhaustion when you don’t put yourself first and work on owning your value.

If this is you, it’s not your fault because realize your brain is running a pattern and program that is cemented in the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is responsible for 95% of your beliefs, habits, and behaviors.

When you don’t own your value your self-worth goes down. Your self-image will be imprinted to feel unworthy and will keep running that mental movie on the screen of your subconscious mind unless you change it. The problem is most women don’t know how to change it.

In my workshops, training and private coaching, I show women how to master the art of doing this. Once you do you can command your fees, get the raise, and stand firmly in your power. Your potential is limitless!

  1. Know where you are. First, you have to become aware of and connect to the negative program to your conscious mind because you can’t change anything that you are not aware of. Look specifically where you are giving your power away. If you are an entrepreneur…. are you giving away too much of your time, discounting your fees, or allowing bad clients to slip through the cracks? If you’re a driven career woman are you having boundary issues, not asking for a raise, or speaking up at the table?

  2. Get clear on your vision. Paint a clear vision of what you want. I know this sounds simple yet most women I have spoken to don’t even know what they want. They share with me their chaos and they know it’s creating stress and anxiety. What do you want your business or career to look like? Get specific and don’t get caught up in how it will happen. Take an hour to get clear and refine your vision. Your subconscious mind doesn’t know what is real and what is not so the art of clarifying your vision is the secret to alignment. I’ve worked with clients who are blown away with this one simple strategy. One international client was miserable at her job where she had a high-level position. She wasn’t owning her value because she didn’t know how to create healthy boundaries. I had her focus on seeing her value internally and then get clear on her vision for her work. In just a few short weeks her entire work-life changed. People were respecting her more at work and not to mention she was feeling more fulfilled. We usually spend a few weeks on this process rather than focusing on taking massive action first. I find doing this first puts women more into the flow instead of feeling they have to force things. When you feel like you are forcing things you tend to create anxiety. Creating anxiety is toxic to your body and will detract from aligning yourself to what you really desire.

  3. Practice 5 Minutes of Mindfulness. When I am working with clients I have a few different ways in which I help them to retrain their brain. Instead of flying off to the office or reading your emails, you have to set aside at least 5 minutes of mindfulness a day. For five minutes you want to simply focus on your breath and read your vision statement. Your brain can change it’s neuroplasticity in milliseconds so each time you do this realize you are making new connections in your brain. In my book The La Dolce Vita Formula, I go over the exact process on how to do this. Keep it simple, and start measuring your mental state as a result. Remember first changes will take place in your brain and then your outer world will reflect your inner world.

Are you feeling more confident? Are you getting clients that pay your fees? Are you speaking with influence at the table? If not keep up with the process because it works.

One of the newest technologies I’ve been using is an EEG device that measures my brain waves to see if I am calibrated for my day. I’ve been fascinated with incorporating technology into my practice and seeing the measurable results. These devices are not necessary but I find it’s a great way to gamify your mindfulness. I will write another article on this later.

About Heather Picken

I am a best-selling author, executive consultant, workshop leader on women performance using neuroscience. Additionally I am the founder of Fierce Femme Wines, I see myself as a curator of wines with a mission to advocate sharing a varietal among women as it inspires dialog, communication, and engagement among colleagues and friends.

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