Are you making these 3 mistakes in your business?

I've made my share of mistakes in business or are they really mistakes unless I learned from them?

This is what it looks like from a woman who has learned from her mistakes and stands in her power

1. Giving your intellectual knowledge away for FREE.

Don't buy into someone's story because if you do they will take you down with them. They are not your ideal client. If people ask you to pick your brain just let them know what the investment is and they can start picking away. I've had people ask me to mentor them for free in exchange for INSERT their bad offer here and it's NEVER worked out...I mean NEVER and it NEVER will.

Oh sure, it worked great on their end but there's something that's called a FAIR energy exchange.

Money is meant to be circulated and someone asking you to give away what you've invested thousands of dollars and thousands of hours refining is not the way you want to run your business. I had a client wanting to pay me over a crazy time period and I put my foot down and said NO.

I truly believe they respected me because they still hired me and was able to create massive success in their business in a very short time frame. I also appreciated the client and loved working with them too. I probably had in my 20 years of being an entrepreneur 2 people that had made good on their promises. It's like playing the lottery thinking that maybe this time it's your chance to strike it rich. Chances are slim to none.

Your prospective clients need to find a way to come up with the money because there are no free rides.

If you are giving free rides and don't value money then consider starting a non-profit.

There's nothing wrong with money and receiving it. In fact I am suspect of people that say they don't like money. It tells me they still have wounds to heal.

Money is a tool to help empower you along with other people.

Here's a viable solution..

You can ask them to think creatively about financing their investment like a part-time job, borrow the money, put it on a credit card or sell some widgets.

Today there are many ways you can make fast cash like driving an Uber, posting an ad on craigslist for odd jobs, Thumbtack, and the list goes on.

I've worked with many clients over the years that have found the money and as a result it created a MENTAL breakthrough by doing this exercise alone. When people get stretched out of their comfort zone they go and grow to their next evolution whether it's business or any other area of life. I remember one client who did this exercise and later went on to create a 7 figure income in her business. It showed her how capable her mind was of being focused on a result and then ATTRACTING the money to work with me in just 48 hours.

I was blown away and it also showed me that human behavior is predictable according to what people value.

I've studied and trained people around understanding values and how it dictates everything from their business to their personal relationships. It's one of the most powerful formulas I know in revealing buyer behavior and decision making.

If a person values investing in you (the expert) they will find the money. They probably invested in the same or other areas of life and have seen the exponential growth that occurred by doing this. If someone values more on saving money then they will tell you there's no money to invest. It's not that they are wrong it's just they are acting according to their values. People operate from their top 3 highest values. I also talk about this in my book The La Dolce Vita Formula too.

Also I encourage clients to save so don’t take the above the wrong way!

PAY ATTENTION because it's not what they say but what their actions are demonstrating. The way I see it is there are tons a free information out there that can help people along with smaller investments like books or home study courses.

If you have one you can offer it and set a time to reconnect with that person.

Have them set a date on their calendar and if they are serious they will keep their appointment and give you their information to start working together.

I want you to remember that people are paying for your intellectual knowledge and there's a price tag on that.

Stop cheating yourself. You need to OWN your value if you want the world to value you.

Value is really about seeing how your transformation can change someone's life. This can be in ANY business because I've worked with just about every industry imaginable and have been able to raise someone's value by helping them to shift their perception.

Perception and Value

Shift your perception and your entire world changes. <----Read this again

Your life is built on a perception which is simply a filter in how you view the world that creates beliefs and it's also how you make decisions. When you start cutting deals you start devaluing yourself, therefore, you stay at the same level of perception.

This is why I challenge people's perceptions because I know that is what is keeping them stuck.

People hire me to get results so I love moving the needle in order to make changes that they love.

New level, new devil..

But Heather this is how I've always done business...

Then I will say OK so what is the result you want? I want to bring in x amount of clients in the next x months.

OK perfect but not with that mindset.

You're telling me you want a different result but yet you're not willing to change how you think?

Your thinking is the cause and the effect is your results. You don't change things from the outside you change things from within.

If you don't play by the standards you set for yourself expect people to walk all over you. I want you to set the bar higher and as a result you will shift your paradigm and those paying clients will be fact they already are. They will feel amazing and you will shift your perception. It's a new layer of growth for you and you’ve just taken a quantum leap.

2. Pretzeling yourself.

Women have done this in relationships ...they drop everything for the guy and lose who they are. Your business is no different and if you are talked into cutting deals or having prospective clients tell you what they want instead of what you know works ...the results will NOT be favorable. Stay firm to your rules and say NEXT in your mind. The money isn't worth it and just know you are worth so much more if you hold out. When you are in the energy of desperation it will never work. I've found clients that respect my terms are actually clients that will do the work and achieve amazing results. When people tell you how you should run your business or don't understand your protocol that you've been highly successful helping others with...they are not ideal to work with. I want you to imagine that you are in a new relationship with someone.

You're into working out and eating healthy and they want you to skip the gym and grab a beer with them at the bar.

You've worked so hard to get into great shape but somehow you managed to get talked into doing it.

Months go by and now you've noticed your clothes are tighter and you feel lousy.

The above mentioned is exactly what has happened to me in the past and that's why I can draw the parallel from relationship to business. You have to own who you are PERIOD.

You have to be unwavering in what you stand for. KNOW the VALUE you bring to the table.

One of my clients told me a story of a company that wanted to hire her and they were dictating all these terms in which she felt as if she was like an employee and not a consultant. She had intellectual knowledge that was industry specific and highly specialized.

She spent years and invested lots of money building her skill set that very few people had. Hearing this drives me crazy... It's like you wouldn't go to a massage therapist to get a heart transplant. I told her to never do ANYTHING you are not in aligned with as it's a recipe for selling your soul. Not to mention, they wanted to pay her way less.

My dad gave me valuable advice as a kid ."You get what you pay for."

This still rings true today and I am owning my value..thanks Dad! 3. Taking on clients because your desperate for the money. I can speak to this with certainty because desperation is an energy. You will attract those clients to you that are a match.

I know maybe you're trying to remodel your floor and that money could really come in handy. What I want to share with you is the POWER of your own energy. Have you ever walked into a room and noticed all of the sudden you feel off?

Something isn't right but you can't quite put your finger on it.

You didn’t listen to your intuitive nudges and all of the sudden you're having a conversation with someone that is extremely negative and is impacting your energy. You start having really negative thoughts that are related to your business or even anything in general and it feels strange.

Your energy has to be aligned with your prospective client. You will attract the needy clients that will drive you crazy and drain your energy.

One of the things I teach my elite clients and in my groups is how to raise your value and standards. This is an internal shift I teach that chemically changes to brain and remodels itself. The result is being in harmony to attract your ideal clients who are an energetic match. This isn't about any woo woo concepts either. I base my methodologies on neuroscience and quantum physics.

I hope you don't make these mistakes (or learning lessons) but if you do have a template you can use. If you're going through this right now just embrace it and see how much more powerful you will be for having gone through it. Feel free to leave a comment if you've experienced this in the past.

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