How to have more time and energy in your business Episode #160: Grace Estripeaut

Do you wish you had more time in your business?

Feeling burned out in your business?

Don't feel aligned with your business?

There's a formula to get inspired and have more time and energy for your business and my guest, Grace shared the right strategy to get you there.

Grace Estripeaut is a mental detox expert and peace of mind specialist. A self-proclaimed ‘Hyperactive Latina’, granddaughter to Italians turned Zen Master. She’s an unwavering advocate of positive energy and practical Zen in the midst of a chaotic world. In 2012, Grace’s meditation expertise prompted her CEO to ask her to lead a group of investors in a mindfulness session. It was so well-received, that it sparked a career change for Grace and fueled her passion to help driven, go-getter women find their center. With a Master’s Degree in Organizational Development and 15+ years of meditation training, Grace’s magic lies in helping women leaders eliminate exhaustion, overwhelm, and the rush mentality. In her own day-to-day, Grace leads programs on: meditation, stress management, and Mindful Leadership to corporate employees in Colorado, as well as online.

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