Still ATTRACTING broke clients? Unlock your Fabulous Cash Flow Formula

Still ATTRACTING broke clients? Unlock your Fabulous Cash Flow Formula

The other day I was working with a new high-end client, Sarah, whose marketing was ONLY attracting more BROKE clients.

She was STUCK in a rut, fed up and FRUSTRATED

{I know you might probably being feeling the same.}

All the years of training and experience under her belt with her transformational gifts felt wasted on broke people.

I asked her specific questions that spoke to her deepest desires, and I knew EXACTLY what was happening and WHY she was attracting BROKE clients.

The answer was simple…

She wasn’t creating the business she loved; rather she was creating a business from what she knew.

So what does that mean and why is that important to you?

Well, if you want to MASTER the art of attracting HIGH END CLIENTS and stop attracting clients that say they don’t have the money then this will be important for you.

Here’s what was happening, she was marketing her business by copying EXACTLY what others were doing because THEY were making money. In her mind she was thinking THIS was the HOLY GRAIL of marketing and that by doing this she would be the QUEEN of her niche and the ruler of The Universe.

Ok, maybe not the ruler of The Universe, but you get my point ;)

Her business was generating money but… something seemed really off to me.

I asked her some KEY questions to unlock her TRUE WEALTH POTENTIAL with what I call “The Formula For Fabulous Cash Flow” in my La Dolce Vita private coaching.

Step 1.

Get clear on your vision and what your TELOS is telling you.

The first part of the formula is that you have to DESIGN and DREAM up your lifestyle that you desire first. This really means think about the END RESULT of want you want. The Greeks spoke about the END IN MIND, which they called “The Telos.” As human beings we all live by it. We SEEK what is MOST important to us and are on the mission to fulfill that void.

Step 2. The next thing is marketing your business that is aligned with your highest values. This means understanding the essence of what makes you, YOU

and sharing that through your unique expression which through your marketing message and building your FABULOUS business and brand. By determining what someone’s values are creates a FINGERPRINT specific marketing message that sets you a part from everyone else and the noise.

If you read my last post I shared exactly how to DETERMINE your values. If you don't do this process you’re marketing will be off and you’re literally throwing away thousands of dollars because you’re copying someone else and not listening to the INNER voice and vision that truly wants you to be SUCCESSFUL!

For example, Sarah is really into beauty, spiritual practices, fitness and empowering women. When we did an inventory and went through the Values Determination Process, it helped to recreate and birth a NEW business that was more in alignment with who she really was. She has a special gift of connecting with people on a deep level to show them their life purpose, create clarity, and give them guidance to the answers they are seeking. I don't want to give away what her actual business is because that’s what people pay me for but we developed an entire global BRAND that expresses all of her uniqueness that has a HIGH VALUE in which she is bringing to the world. She even has an amazing singing voice and we included that into her business and positioning.

After we were done, she had tears of inspiration of realizing how much she had been hiding out and not really positing herself to OWN her power and GREATNESS.

IMAGINE being able to express everything that makes you, YOU into your business and get PAID doing what you love.

When you are not being TRUE to yourself in your marketing and business you’ll attract more of those broke clients to piss you off.

The UNIVERSE is always trying to make you the MOST authentic in your life and your business is no different.

One of my mentors says this, which I love…

“Although you seek people that support you in your values, you attract people that challenge you to make you grow.”

What that means for you in your business is this…

The BROKE clients that you are attracting right now in this moment are hitting you over the head so that you CAN awaken and activate…




Authentic marketing means knowing what your values are and creating your business and marketing around that.


You can LEAVE your mark on this planet and create an IMPACT

You have everything it takes to ATTRACT high end FABULOUS clients that will PAY you ---->YES!

Your VALUES are what truly make you FABULOUS and no one has the exact same values in the entire world, it’s fingerprint specific.

This IS the SECRET FORMULA for creating your FORTUNE.

I love helping transformational leaders; authors, coaches and consultants find their own formula for fabulous cash flow. This is BEYOND identifying the age of your target market and where you can find them.

If you’re tired of broke clients telling you they don’t have the money, I get it!

Now it’s time to go out there and market in a way that will start ATTRACTING the clients you love.

Let me know what your values are and how you want to show up in the world.

What is the ONE thing that is really holding you back?

Need my help, drop a comment or email and I will help you turn your business into the most MAGNIFICENT MANIFESTING MACHINE.

That’s a mouthful ☺ but SUCCESS tastes sweet! :)

P.S. Please share this with those that are not playing full out and have the DESIRE to attract better clients in their business!

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