How to Increase Your Energy For Female Entrepreneurs Episode #152 - Joan Lubar

Being an entrepreneur takes focus and energy!

If you're not healthy then don't expect to build your wealth. As a woman entrepreneur, you need to take time out for self-care because if you don't you'll find yourself feeling depleted.

Joan Lubar is more vibrant at the age of 75 than most people half her age.

Joan's interest in health and nutrition began when she discovered her child had ADHD. This was followed by her own health being compromised at the age of 40. Due to an undiagnosed thyroid condition and recovering poorly from surgery, she began a serious journey into nutritional wellness. In her early 50’s, her husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, and she helped to minimize the effects for many years with nutritional help. As John's primary caregiver, Joan was able to manage her energy, well-being and state of mind, unlike most people going through a similar situation.

Her lifelong passion and commitment is to educate, inform and serve at the deepest level as many people as possible to live a more vibrant, passionate and significant life. In addition, she is committed to shattering the stereotype of ""throwaway elders"" by setting the example of what is possible.

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