Why you need to be true to your dreams

I can't count how many times I started to give up my dreams when it didn't agree with the boyfriend I was dating at that time.

Why are you spending so much money on your business? When are you going to give up on this and get a job?

Just be happy where you're at!

I'm so glad I stuck to my truth and kept pushing myself. It cost me both physically and mentally but I knew deep down I had to follow my La Dolce Vita.

Thankfully I am in a fabulous relationship and don't have to deal with that now.

When you give yourself permission to follow what inspires you the most, it's freeing to your soul. No longer are you bound by the disapproving voices because you're not willing to negotiate your desires and dreams.

Failure to do this, and you'll attract more lessons to learn. I am 100% certain of this because it's been my life's journey of growing my business while growing myself personally. If you give in to what other people tell you to do and not listen to your inner guidance then it feels like you're trying to force everything in life instead of being in the flow. When you're in the flow, it feels like magic. The people show up and for you it could be in the form of clients or opportunities. When you're forcing this to work it seems like no matter what action you take it doesn't

give you a return on your efforts.

It's important that you question everything and even so called authority figures that you might look up to.

Never minimize your greatness or the decisions you make.

When I didn't follow my dreams and listened to others here's a sample of what happened to me:

Attracted whining entitled clients that were a pain to work with My income went drastically down

I constantly would second guess my ideas and it left me feeling even more confused

I wasn't able to express myself freely and had to follow their rules-it just wasn't me!

I couldn't make the kind of money I wanted to make because making a lot of money was demonized. Money, is a powerful tool when used the right way. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Make as much as you want! Most people that have negative opinions around money are the ones that need it the most.

The lesson... I had to go through this in order to realize when you follow your dreams and you're clear on your vision you will attract the right people and resources to you.

Many times I find that the partners| husbands| boyfriends can crush your dreams if you're not owning your power. I help my clients that might get themselves in this situation how to make an empowered decision.

I ask them one simple question...

Why do you need permission to follow your dreams?

This is your life!

I want them to feel fulfilled in their life whether they are creating a business or working on their personal goals. I show them their unique formula on how to let go of what others think about them and start taking action.

Are you feeling like your friends, family, or even partner doesn't get your ambition ? And as a result, you start scaling back and stop your progress? Are you frustrated because you know there's something bigger inside of you that's just waiting to come out?

I've been working on a BIG project for you in 2018 that has been a summation of my journey and insights that is going to help you accomplish your biggest dreams and goals.

You'll learn how to push through and reprogram yourself for success. You'll no longer have to ask others for permission. You'll see yourself as equal to anyone you admire in your field. You'll make as much as you want because you're creating the right goals for your success. You'll see things on the way, instead of in the way.

I'm excited and putting in extra hours, because my mission is big and I'm ready to help those that want to live their La Dolce Vita Life!

You don't want to get to the last day on earth and say ...

I wish I would have went for it!

Go ahead and free yourself to follow your dreams!

Here's to living your La Dolce Vita!


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I allowed myself

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