The Power of Creating Daily Habits

Editor's note: I love philosophy and the wisdom I feel when I'm read something that's inspiring.

You want to make more money? Attract more clients?

Achieve a better body?

All of the above require daily effort and wishing things will happen isn't going to work.

It's interesting to see when I am working with a new client how I have to teach them the basics of creating daily habits. I've created an entire system around this so that they can learn exactly what they need to be doing every day to get to reach their goals. I'm so inspired by helping others that in the New Year I will be launching something brand new to help you with this too.

Aristotle had it right when he said that excellence is about forming habits. Every person I've ever worked with becomes more successful to the degree of how they manage their time on a daily basis in forming habits.

“Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits.” ― Mark Twain

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Can you see that there's a formula for creating success yet most people don't have this routine down and then wonder why they are not where they want to be.

I get it, and I have learned through training my body when I was a bodybuilder and fitness competitor that every single thing I did during the day created the end result. For example, if it took me four months to prepare for a contest I created specific daily habits to get myself to the day of the event. I started to form daily habits that stuck and it was one of the most valuable lessons I learned because it taught me the Power of Daily Habits. If you're wanting to make more money, grow your business, and empower every area of your life then you must have a daily power habit it place. I call this La Dolce Vita Daily Success Rituals. Each day you must have a routine with specific steps that you are taking so you can achieve your goals.

Let me give you a business example:

Your goal is to increase your monthly income. You know that you have a list of people you need to call but for some reason you're not doing it. Isn't it interesting that you know what to do but you're still not doing it? This all has to do with the unconscious program that is running the show which I will be addressing in my new project. For now, lets just have you look at what specific steps you need to be taking and simplify it.

First you need to focus on one thing that you know will bring you in more money. Don't overcomplicate things and do a million things at once. Most people don't have the bandwidth to do that or the organizational skills to take on a multiple projects on at once. I've been able to do this myself, only because I've trained my brain to take on powerful daily habits. The key for you is to just start with one and build upon that. When you take on too much and you're not mentally prepared things start collapsing around you.

Now that you've picked one habit you will do on a daily basis you will need to set up a time where you're taking the action. If it's not in your calendar, you probably won't do it.

By putting this in your calendar you are training your brain to take the action. The most neural connections you can make in your brain through repetition, the more it will stick.

Whatever gets measured gets improved

When I am working with clients, the other thing that I do is measure their results. You want to start tracking this because whatever gets measured gets improved.

If you're wanting to lose weight and you start tracking your food and workouts, you will start seeing progress.

Going back to the example of money and attracting more clients. If you were to spend an hour a day for 5 days with following up with potential clients I can almost guarantee that you'll increase your revenues by the end of the month. I know it's so simple, yet people get distracted by shiny objects and don't realize that the true power is in your ability to take action and repeat. Just keep it simple and stop multitasking when implementing your daily habits. If you're still having issues with actually taking the steps, then it tells me there is something in your own way. This is where I can help to figure it out and reprogram your mind so that you are aligned in taking daily inspired action.

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