How to breakthrough your FEARS, get out of your way and start living your VITA

What kind of life do you want to live? Your VITA (life) depends on how you handle your fears. I've worked with women all over the world from CEOs, entrepreneurs, mothers, and even men too and the one thing that stops them from having success is their FEAR.

Years ago I interviewed Neale Donald Walsch about this subject and he said fear is nothing but ...



Editor's note: Does this feel familiar?

So what are you really fearful of?

What I find people fear the MOST are the following: Fear of being good enough/smart enough Fear of loss

Fear of failure

Fear of success Fear of authority figures/approval You've been conditioned at a very young age to buy into your fears and as a result you live a life that feels unfulfilling. I know because I struggled with living in my fear(s) for many years in my business and life. It can show up in different ways too. For example, when I was in a relationship with 'Bob' (Not his real name) I was living in what I thought was my dream house. Bob had some kind of power over me and I started to lose who I was. I stopped being fabulous and started to doubt who I was and what I could have in a relationship. I knew that the relationship was over. However, I continued to stay longer in that relationship because of my fear. If you have been reading my blog you will see me talk about attracting chaos when you are not living your truth.

The relationship was awful I couldn't focus on anything My business and bank account went down I started feeling the lack of money And because I felt lack of money, my confidence crashed I felt stuck and in my own way with thinking there was no way out ...because of my FEAR

I started to question myself about my life and my decisions...I lost my mojo because I lost myself. You see, my fear paralyzed every area of my life. If you're holding yourself back right now I want you to ask yourself WHY is that? My body felt heavy, like someone poured cement on my feet and I didn't have the inertia to take any action.

Fear also has a way of stopping you from taking action because you internalize it emotionally and your emotions stop you dead in your tracks. Realize that it's your unconscious mind that is dictating what you do or not do. As your body becomes flooded with fear, it's almost like you're in a fog and can't get out of your own way.

At the time this happened with Bob I really didn't have the money to get help because my fear was draining my bank account. I was so miserable and beating myself up at the same time. It struck me that I couldn't afford NOT to get some coaching around this. I also had to swallow my pride because I thought I could do it by myself too. Here's the deal, you can be smart and successful but if you're still in your own way and can't break the fear that is blocking you, then it's wise to invest in yourself. I wouldn't be writing this to you today if I didn't know it was 100% true on every level.

Thankfully, I was able to breakthrough the illusion around this fear and get to the heart of what was really blocking me with some help. I invested a good chunk of money on coaching.

I remember that day when I was standing in the kitchen in my house confronting my worst fears of speaking my truth and I ended that relationship. I said "I choose me!" "I can no longer be in this relationship." In that moment, I felt like I channeled some kind of Super Powers. The truth is...I had it all along but I was blocked and couldn't breakthrough my fear. I didn't have the right tools to shift my internal image of how I was seeing myself.

After I said those words, I felt like a weight had been lifted.

I felt confident in who I was and where I was going.

The SECRET to getting out of your own way

One of the key things that made a difference is that I made a decision. My decision to speak my truth allowed me to dissolve my fear. I love happy endings to stories..don't you? After I made a decision, I moved out with having very little money in my bank account too. I sent an intention of FOCUSING on what I wanted and set a goal to make some serious money no matter what. I created a strategy and took action every single day. As a result, I had made more money in that ONE MONTH that I had made in an entire year.

Maybe you don't have this exact story... However, I find that most people allow others to stand in their way because they are fearful on what could happen. Think about what your specific fear is and how it's blocking you from living your La Dolce Vita Life.

Is your fear holding you back from making more money in your business? Is your fear holding you back from having the relationship you want? Is your fear holding you back from attracting your ideal paying clients? Is your fear holding you back from being the most authentic version of yourself?

My mission on this planet is show women that there is a formula to breaking through their fears in business and in life so you can get what you really want. When you learn how to change your perceptions and make decisions to be successful your entire world will change. (If you're a man reading this, don't worry I work with FABULOUS men too)

Your mind creates your DREAM life and it can also destroy it. It's your decision. That being said, do you want to master who you are so you can do something extraordinary in this world? Let me know what you want and I'll show you how to breakthrough and get there.

Have you taken the Sweet Life Challenge?

You Can Be Fearless and Fabulous

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