Feeling Stuck? Learn the power of your limiting beliefs

I was speaking with a new client and they asked me a question that demonstrated their current belief system.

Am I too old to start a new business?

I sent them this link and told them to read it and then get back to me.

So what makes people say things like this? Is it really true? The answer is yes and no depending on what you believe.

What you believe you perceive

Your perceptions create your inner world and when you have an imbalanced perception (seeing more negative than positive) it reenforces what you continue to create in your outer world. I'm sure you've probably heard that your unconscious mind is like a program that runs you, but did you also know that you can change the way you perceive negative memories and events? Why is this important? It's important to you because if you're feeling stuck in your business or any area of your life the unconscious mind controls you. When your unconscious mind controls you ... You take action or you don't.

Let me give you a simple example... Let's say you have it on your calendar to follow up with prospective client on Friday.

Friday comes and you've found yourself reading emails, trapped in opium of Facebook, and it's now 6pm and you figure it's too late to call. Why does this happen? This happens because your unconscious is running the show. I could speculate as to what is happening unless I ask you specific questions. The general answer is that somewhere in your unconscious mind there is a stored memory holding you back from taking the simplest action. I've worked with clients with major life issues from past to present and even the tinniest ones... to help them get back to balance and wisdom, so that they can breakthrough the barriers of their limiting beliefs. Once they are able to do that this results in taking inspired action in the direct they seek. It's not about saying a bunch of affirmations either. The tools I use are based on a proven science that integrates with the unconscious mind. It's what I'm most inspired to help people with the most because there's nothing that you can't overcome once you understand the formula of what makes you tick.

Here's 3 simple ways you can shift your perceptions

1. First, identify your belief that is holding you back. This is so easy yet some people would rather close the door than open it to transformation.

2. Ask yourself if you are having an unrealistic expectation on this situation. Limiting beliefs can actually be helpful. If you have unrealistic expectations in making 1 million dollars in one month and you've never made $100k in a year. Yes, there are cases where this is possible but most people create goals that are not aligned with their values or what I like to call your VITA (life) FORCE. When they are not congruent they set themselves up for failure and go into beating themselves up.

3. See the benefits. This is going to be challenging for most people because they will say there are no benefits. What if I told you I could show that there were? There's always a benefit to a so called "bad event," it's our perceptions that will label it bad based on our highest values. I've worked with clients on some major issues that were holding them back from loss of money, debt, no money, and divorce. By working through this they feel fulfilled in their life and find those perceptions aren't running the show anymore. When this happens I called it "Freeing up the Mental Real Estate of Your Mind."

When you free your mind that is when creativity and possibility are aligned!

If you feel stuck and don't know how to shift this is where you need to get some help. Why be stuck even one more day when you can give yourself permission to play bigger and Live La Dolce Vita Life?

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