The Formula for Success: The Art of Failing your Way to Success

When you think of successful people you might think of Bill Gates, Oprah, Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, Steve Jobs and I know you could add more to this list. What do all of these people have in common? What they have in common is understanding the art of failing as part of the formula for creating success. 

"There's no such thing as failure. There are only results" -Tony Robbins

I remember reading that quote years ago and not really understanding the true meaning. 

You can read a quote and get a generalized feeling for what it means but until you actually internalize and apply it for yourself it will have little meaning. 

Let me explain this concept further... It's like if I were to tell you that I won Ms. Midwest States Natural, Overall Bodybuilding Championship, which by the way is true...  I would tell you that the training and prep is hard work.  

Now, if you've never competed in a bodybuilding show, you wouldn't have the real world experience of knowing what it feels like to be disciplined in this specific way.   Part of the mental toughness is precision because every single thing that goes into your stomach, the number of hours you train, pose and choreograph all have measurable results.  If you're not disciplined in following the formula don't expect to get great results. 

SIDE NOTE: Not only did competing get me in incredible shape, but it taught me The Art Self- Discipline which is another one of The La Dolce Vita Success Principles that I teach my elite clients. As a result, they create more consistent income and the ability to focus on their long-term vision.  Long-term vision will pay you a short-term vision will cost you.

So what does failure look like and how do I know if I should keep going?

First off you only fail if you quit.  PERIOD The reason why you would question whether you should quit is that you might not be aligned with what you are doing or one or many of the following: You're not investing in yourself for help  You're not crystal clear on what you are doing  if you're not clear don't expect clients to appear (read this over and now take a look at your business and tell me if most of your clients/customers are you ideal ones, if not there's a reason.) You're not setting goals that are aligned with the hierarchy of your values

In order to actually achieve your goals, you must know the top 3 of your highest values as these are the driving force to your sweet success. This is the very first thing I do when I work with a new client.

If you dream of building massive wealth, don't expect it to come easy.  You will experience failure and it's necessary for your growth. I cringe every time I see what I call Unicorn Marketing, where they sell you false dreams.  

 Editor's Note: Stay away from Unicorn Marketing and thinking because creating a real business takes time and it will pay you more in the long run and release the constant worrying about money

Bottom line... it takes work, dedication, and being able to navigate around the so-called 'failures.' 

The bigger your vision, the more failures you will have.  I've interviewed and read about hundreds of CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs that have gone through this spiritual evolution. I call it spiritual because it's an awakening in understanding that the master lives in the world of transformation the masses live in scarcity.  

You must be able to balance your mind when pursuing a goal that INSPIRES you knowing that failure is part of the formula.

A balanced mind takes on both the support and challenge during your journey. 

Mastering this skill takes years because of each level that your business grows you face another challenge/failure.  This is the sacred part of being successful in business and in life. I find the best leaders are those that have faced the biggest challenges.  Perhaps when you were younger you always felt you struggled. Maybe it was feeling the deep need for approval, lack of money, or having a learning disorder (like I did) ..these are the perceived struggles that can help you breakthrough your biggest fears and failures. 

However, what I see that paralyzes people the most is when their failures make them stop and they don't search for a solution 

...or they beat themselves up because they believed it should have worked out.  

I've felt this way too. I wanted to throw in the towel many times. 

I told myself I was not good enough.  I had the mental script written as to why I could never be successful and my unconscious was sticking to it. 

If you want to create an extraordinary life that pays and is have to be willing to do what other people will not do. Most people live a quiet life of desperation because they don't believe they can achieve success.  That's completely false.  I struggled with this false belief for many years and it nearly killed me. I am sharing this with you because I want you to see that I am no different than you. 

The only reason why you would think that having success is not in your future is that someone else told you this lie and you believed it.   I help clients get unblocked from making more money, having more meaning and living their La Dolce Vita life, using specific transformational tools. These mental technologies as I like to call them give you permission to play on a bigger scale.   It's a science, psychology, and philosophy that works to transcend the emotional mind, that part of you that is unconsciously running the show. 

There are many reasons why you could be blocked.

For example, lets say you invested money in coaching and it didn't work out for some reason you might label that as a failure, therefore you stop and say coaching doesn't work and you refuse to invest in yourself again. 

Let me tell you a story that I hope will change your mind.... Years ago I was in a serious relationship and at the same time invested $25k in a high-level program.  I was light years ahead in my marketing abilities and felt  that the program was too remedial for me.   Did I waste money, was this a failure and a flop? What I found interesting was that being in the program allowed me to realize that the relationship I was in at the time was stopping me from making money.  I felt really blocked mentally, and as a result so was my bank account and my vita (life) force.  I had to go through the program to realize the guy I was going to marry was someone that wasn't really aligned with me.  The benefit of that so called 'failure' is that it saved me time from investing any more in that relationship, getting married, having a costly divorce because that is where it would've ended up.   I  can laugh at it now and say that was a cheap divorce or what I call spiritual divorce.   I was able to balance my mind around it and open myself up for something bigger and better.  I didn't let that setback stop me and as a result, I had doubled my monthly income because I didn't want that to break me and I knew by following my truth I would prevail.  When I got out of that relationship it was liberating for me, I was so thankful for experiencing it too.  Anything you can't be thankful for you will carry as emotional baggage into the future. 

Can you see that when you beat yourself up thinking you've failed that it's really an unbalanced perception?   What if I were to help you flip the switch on any issue so it dissolves what I call the Mental Real Estate of your Mind? 

Imagine the possibilities it would create in liberating you so that you can achieve your goals. 

When I am working with clients and they have perceived failures, I show them how to transform that feeling so they perceive it as a benefit. When they see it as a benefit, what happens is that it gives them permission to take action and get results.  The process works in any area of your life that you have been blocking yourself in too.

The results come in the form of more predictable streams of income, better quality clients, multiple streams of income, more confidence and opportunities flowing. Don't let your past failures make or break you

Flip the switch and see your failures fast-forwarding to being, doing, and living your La Dolce Vita Life. 

You can STOP and stay where you're at, or you can continue to invest in the best and bring yourself to new levels of awareness and success.

This is what successful leaders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs understand about the art of failing.  You are no different, that's why I love to share my La Dolce Vita Formula for building a business that lasts, learning how to master who you are which is all 7 areas of life. 

Find this helpful?  Comment below, your voice is important to me.  I hear you. ;)

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