Finding your purpose the La Dolce Vita way

My first question is this... Do you know your purpose? I know there are many books written on this subject and you still might find yourself struggling with this and as a result feel lost.

Or maybe you have a business right now where you're feeling fed up and frustrated because of one or many of the following:

  • Cash flow is way down

  • You're attracting crappy clients that can't pay or are a pain to work with

  • You've lost your mojo and can't seem to turn things around

  • You're creating goals that you just can't seem to achieve, then you beat yourself up because you haven't met them

  • You feel overwhelmed because you're not moving the direction you truly want to take your know there's something inside of you that is telling you to go down the other path but you can't the take action

  • It seems no matter what you do you encounter challenge after challenge with no wins in sight

  • Your spouse/partner doesn't believe in your vision and therefore you stay stuck and small You're not alone, in fact, I've experienced all of the above and more!

At first, I didn't want to look at what I was experiencing and I thought there was something wrong with me and that success was just not in the cards. I was about to throw in the towel too.

I felt like a failure too because I kept thinking the following thoughts... Why am I such a failure? How come everyone is more successful than me? Why do I keep attracting entitled clients that don't value me? Will I ever be successful? Will I ever truly find my true calling and be able to help others and make money doing what I love?

The problem with asking myself these types of questions is that it was HOLDING me back. I got really angry because I couldn't seem to get my stuff together no matter how much money I was investing in my business until I did this...

I started looking at my life and where I wasn't being 100% true to myself. Every time I would hold myself back I would attract something to bring light to the situation because you can't hide from wanting to be the real you. The Law of Cause and Effect

Editor's note: Please don't try this at home

For example, each relationship I was in where I was told I couldn't do something or felt controlled, my business would be effected. In fact it was so drastic that each time I would find myself in a crappy relationship where I gave my power away, my bank account would go down. I knew this on a conscious level yet unconsciously I was hooked and it allowed me to go into a deeper learning lesson each time. I kept asking myself this question.... "How can a college educated woman keep attracting this vicious cycle of men and money?" I had to go through this lesson MANY times..more than I want to admit until I got it.

The cause of my money issues in my business was simply because I wasn't allowing myself to be me. Let me give you a specific example so you can get a sense of what I am talking about. I am going to change the names to protect my exes (I'm actually grateful for the gifts they gave me and don't want to throw them under the bus by naming them.) I dated Joe, for 2 years it was pretty serious and things went off the rails when I wouldn't succumb to his party lifestyle. I worked constantly on my business because I was inspired by my mission. He told me I was a workaholic which is a label people use when they don't have a high value on business/work. I dislike it when people use this term because it's completely inaccurate. The relationship ended because I could be me.

Everyone lives by a hierarchy of their top 3 values and no two people on the planet have the same set of values. This means we all see the world in a different way. That being said, I have a high value on business so being with someone that doesn't understand my highest values was a recipe for disaster. IMAGINE having one relationship after the next where someone doesn't 'get you,' and they project what they feel is right according to their values. It creates chaos, and that's why if you're not living by your highest values you will attract more of it to the degree of your incongruency. You might want to read that sentence again.

Editor's note: This is how I felt in the past when I couldn't be me (I'm the Chihuahua)

I started seeing my journey as a summation of why I am here and started to reorganize my thoughts and vision of what I really was INSPIRED to do. My vision is always being refined based on what is MOST aligned with who I really am.

Editor's note: This is a picture I took from my recent trip to Maui

This is why when I start with a new client, I do a Values Determination Process. These questions are the most important ones you can ever ask yourself because it gives you permission to be YOU. As a result, you can start creating a brand and a business that feels in alignment with your soul. By doing this you will stand out in the marketplace beyond your competition and reap the rewards.

Knowing what your highest values are will also help you in achieving any goal you have and actually accomplish it. For example, lets say you want to lose weight but no matter what you keep sabotaging your success. If you know how to take your highest values and link them to your desired weight loss goal you will find yourself taking action without someone motivating you. Motivation is extrinsic and needing outside forces telling you to DO something Inspiration is intrinsic and is the spontaneous action you take on your own. Which one would you rather have? Because I am a brain geek let me share with you what happens in your brain. Your brain is like a computer processor so the minute you ask the RIGHT question on creating neurolinks that is aligned with your highest purpose (values) in milliseconds your can remodel your brain.

Editor's note: Want to think like Einstein? I will show you how to create more Astrocytes This is how fast things can happen. I am trained in a specific modality that shows people how to create more of these links via glial cells that are literally like glue in the brain that will hold the new behavior in place.

If you were to have coffee with me I would be talking your ear off because I love sharing my training, wisdom, and real-world results. I want to be the change for you so that you can make an impact in the world.

Editor's note: I love all things coffee + inspiring conversation

The clearer you are in your vision the easier the clients, cash, and opportunities will start showing up. I know this might sound simple yet what I find is most people overcomplicate it or don't trust the process. When you don't have trust you're ability to get results go down because you're taking little to no action. That's why people hire me, because I can accelerate the path to revamp your current business or help you get get crystal clear on what you need to do and show you what's getting in your way. No only will I show you what's in your way, but I can also help you to dissolve fear, guilt, shame, and loss. All these things impact your ability to get clear on your purpose and make money.

Editor's note: The clearer you are in your vision the faster things will happen

Gaining clarity is the key to cash + opportunities For example, I was working with a client recently that was brand new to her business and in just a few months I helped her to gain clarity on her business vision, how she was going to deliver her services, and how to create offers that would sell. Just the other day she was presenting on stage (which I coached her how to sell from the stage) and she was able to get her first high end clients. Her secret? She followed EXACTLY what I told her to do, implemented my formula, and was focused on the highest priorities everyday. Looking to get clear on your passion? Tired of staying at a sticking point? Everyday you HESITATE is another day that is wasted. If you waste your days, you are taking away from someone else's life that you could improve. STOP being selfish and start living your purpose.

This is your WAKE UP call to start living your La Dolce Vita life.

Have you taken my 3 day Sweet Life Challenge?

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