Success Strategies For Attracting Elite Clients and Creating Consistent Cash Flow

Total time for this training: 46:56 La Dolce Vita Planning Session: Attract Elite Clients and Charge Premium Prices

Take notes and go through each step because it's what my elite clients are doing that are building their 6 & 7 figure businesses and so can you.

Here's what happens when I get on a La Dolce Vita Elite Planning Session (Which is complimentary for those that apply for a session) This is a summary of what I go over and how it help you take your business to a new level of success:

How to hit your revenue goals for the rest of the year

How using this La Dolce Vita Elite Planning Strategy that will help you to get laser focused on what you need to do every single day without fail

How to avoid what most entrepreneurs and businesses are doing that result in failure and cash flow shortages

What Fortune 100 CEO’s are doing for long term business growth

The formula for remodeling your brain to build a bigger and better business Why you shouldn’t sell this in your business if you’re looking to build cash flow quickly How neuroscience will help you to charge and receive a premium for your products/services . This means high ticket programs

How this one client (brand new to her business) generated $8k in 8 weeks by following my simple formula

The fastest path to growing your business

How long it should take for you to generate $100k to $1 Million

Why creating this in your business will set you apart from everyone else in your industry

How to generate new leads and build your list quickly with this simple strategy

How to get ranked on the first page of Google so your ideal clients can find you

The dangers of using social media platforms to solely market your business

How to set realistic revenue goals (Stop following the Unicorn Marketers-I get many clients that have lost thousands of dollars by following flawed strategies and fantasies)

This ONE process will help you create a brand that is in demand, instead of copying others Why MOTIVATION doesn’t work when taking action, and what actually does How these top 3 things will determine your cash flow and revenue predictions for the entire year and beyond

Why this factor determines your WEALTH

How to create your La Dolce Vita Life!

What CEOs do to get paid the highest salary and how you can too no matter where you're at in your business

How to plan out your daily action plan

The SECRET formula to track and manage your leads –this is how I got all of my speaking gigs that resulted in thousands of dollars in revenues

The Warren Buffet Strategy to make more money in your business. It’s so simple, yet many entrepreneurs fail to do this and it’s what stops them from hitting their revenue goals

How this one client already generated $80k in a few months because she’s following my formula A simplified way to manage your projects (Have to give credit to Neil Patel for this gem)

Learn what successful CEO’s and leaders do every day to reach their long term business vision Need my help going through your specific business and industry? Apply here to speak with me

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