Live Your La Dolce Vita Life: The Formula For Building a Business That Lasts

Recently, I was interviewed on The School For Start-Ups with host James Beach. It's the 3rd interview on the show. You can listen to here (My interview starts at 40:21)

Here's what I talked about

  • The formula for fabulous living and creating a business that lasts

  • What happened to me in Italy that changed my life (how I started my journey towards success)

  • Why you should know the hierarchy of values

  • Why getting clear on this ONE thing will determine how much money you will make and how much challenge you attract in your business

  • How to set goals that are aligned with your values

  • My daily success ritual that attracts elite clients and opportunities

  • Learn what top 1% CEO's do that are making an impact in the world and how you can do the same thing too

Take the 3 Day Sweet Life Challenge and Build a Business That Lasts

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