La Dolce Vita: How to think like Einstein and why challenge is necessary for your brain and business

When you think GENIUS MIND, your brain might automatically go to Einstein. If you read my last article about becoming a global influencer I talked about why challenge is necessary to become an extraordinary leader. If you want to go beyond what others entrepreneurs are doing right now, make more money, and attract better clients you must go beyond what others are doing. Click here to catch up, if you haven't read it

Editor's Note: I used to stick out my tongue every time my dad tried to take a picture of me when I was a kid.

One of the reasons why I study so much and love to keep up on the latest brain science, is that it allows me to help my Elite La Dolce Vita Clients go from ordinary to extraordinary, and what that means is showing up as a Thought Leader in their industry, creating an impact, and making more money. The people with the MOST influence in the world today are the ones that are making and changing the rules. A leader with the MOST INFLUENCE wins the game. We see this in technology, government, and in the media. If you don't like what you see then challenge yourself to separate from the mass mentality and start creating change yourself.

You want to become a Thought Leader because... You're tired of attracting clients that can't pay? You keep attracting clients that tell you they don't have the money, or are in survival mode, or clients that what deals or a pain to deal with! You feel like your drowning in a sea of overwhelm with your marketing so you do a little bit of everything, but are not getting qualified leads You want to charge what you're worth and get it! Show me someone that doesn't think money is important and I will show you someone that is always chasing it and never has enough. What you RESENT and CONDEM the most is a disowned part of you that you haven't love. Money is spiritual! Let's be grown ups and stop buying in to the false constructs that money isn't good.

If you make more money you can create more transformation. Psychologically, you're mind will have more room to come up with Thought Leader ideas that will reach and inspire more people. You know you have something valuable to offer, yet you're uncertain How to Market and Position Yourself in today's Fast Paced Marketplace. To become a Thought Leader you don't follow the masses, you lead with certainty in uncertain times. You're dedicated to your mission and no one or nothing will stop you.

I've been consulting with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and service based providers for over 15 years (yes I am still 20..LOL} and it's easier to work with people and get them phenomenal results that are more seasoned with clients and cash flow than those that are living at the bottom of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs. This is not to say I won't work with a start up but I pick and choose who I want to work with based on their perceptions, values, and vision.

There's a place to coach everyone, but these are typically not my ideal clients because the kind of mindset a CEO and a leader has compared to a start up is night and day! Most entrepreneurs that are in start up mode are not familiar on how to take on challenges, and will give up or won't take responsibility that their success is completely up to them. I find working with people that know how to breakthrough challenges are easier to take on than those that have always gotten support and things handed to them their entire life. I've been challenged more times I can count and that's why I am where I'm at today, because I didn't give up. Truth be told, I wanted to throw in the towel many times but my mission and vision to serve clients globally along with being financially secure was my driving force.

A recent start up I decided to take on, in just 8 weeks I helped her to launch her physical magazine and get paid advertising. She was determined to do it because her mom died and wanted to create a legacy. She has a big vision on helping others transform. Just trying to pay your bills, will get you just that. That's why when I work with clients that are aligned, they have a BIG VISION and because of this they will make more money as a result.

It's part of the formula for fabulous living!

Why Success is always an INSIDE job!

You can have in your hands a proven marketing strategy but if you don't implement it, don't expect to get the results you want. I know this sounds simple, but you'd be surprised how people don't take action. Or if they take action, and it doesn't work out they go into shut down mode. Study highly successful people and I will show you their challenges This is why when I started my research and training years ago first with my fitness business, I realized that the marketing plan was secondary because knowledge is useless unless you IMPLEMENT it. If it was all about knowledge then there wouldn't be any use for someone like myself to get clients the results they desired. There are unconscious motives why entrepreneurs get stuck and I'm masterful at uncovering and transforming these into taking action towards your purpose and being profitable.

A recent client went from $25k a month to $45k in 8 weeks. It was so easier for me to get her those results because she already knew what to expect, was held accountable and implemented everything. She went through the hurdles of start up, failed a bit, and was able to take her business to the next level.

My goal with this client is $500k. It's going to require implementing team, systems, and higher mind thinking.

This brings me to talk about How You Can Think Like Einstein and when you do, watch your business and visibility soar.

What they found out about Einstein's brain and how you can Awaken your Thought Leader Mind

Marian Diamond, a neuroscientist recently died (at the young age of 90) She had been studying Einstein's brain for years. At first her findings showed that his brain had the same amount of neurons as an average person's brain. Later she found out what was different was the amount of glial cells. Glial, means glue in Greek. ​One kind of glial cell is the star-shaped astrocyte. Why these are important for you to know is that the more you increase the amount of glial cells you have the more you will be thinking like a Thought Leader. When I work with clients I have a specific processes where I show clients how to make more glial cells to awaken their Thought Leader ability. When you do this you will birth new ideas, create more impact, and your income will naturally increase as a result. It's scientifically proven and predictable and it's like following a recipe.

The research showed that there are 5 things Einstein did and what you can do too to increase the amount of glial cells. Marian Diamond came to the conclusion based on her scientific research that there are 5 things you can too to create more glial cells, a good diet, exercise, challenge, novelty -- and love. I am going to give my 7 as it applies to being a Thought Leader in your Business

1. & 2. Proper diet and exercise routine Years ago I ran a fitness business, and I realized after winning Ms. Midwest States Natural in body building that my mind led me to win. You see, I had tried many diets before and kept failing because I wasn't getting the real secret to creating my ideal body, . Once I put my mind to my body followed. I had been miserable for years, and as I look back this was all a part of my journey for life mastery.

As an entrepreneur, it's critical for you to take care of yourself and create a plan for optimum heath. Your health is your wealth!

3. Take on challenges!

It's true what they say, use it or lose it. Maximum growth in biology happens on the brink of support and challenge. The same goes for taking on challenges in your business. You have to invest in your business and realize that taking calculated risks are necessary. Every successful leader and CEO knows this and that's how they can jump to new levels of thinking and income quickly. If you say things like "When I have the money I will invest in myself," realize you will stay in your comfort zone and be exactly like everyone else. Those that are the top 1% of the world constantly stretch themselves to new levels of learning and growth.

4. Create new patterns-Stop doing the same routine and mix things up We get into the habit of doing the same things over and over because it's within our comfort zone. This will keep your brain stagnate. When you mix things up or change the way you do things, you can birth genius ideas.

Thought leaders know this and are constantly optimizing these strategies!

5. Learn and master things outside of your normal skill set Thought leaders emerge from new ideas and skills sets that surviving entrepreneurs don't want to take on because they are OK with just getting by. When I work with clients I up their level of skill and have them Master the Art of Sales, Speaking, Marketing, and Research.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This reminds me of the movie, The Karate Kid :) "Wax on Wax Off!"

6. Love

You must love all parts of you even the past. If you don't, then you won't open up to receive new Thought Leader ideas, money or impact. It's important to have gratitude for what you have right now, where you're at and where you're going. All too often we compare our lives to someone else's, thinking they have it better over actuality, it's all about what you perceive. What you perceive you believe.

When you change your perception you change the result. What this means for you is creating a business that is your La Dolce Vita life.

EDITOR"S NOTE: This is not Frankie Lee

7. Find your formula that makes you fabulous What is the most unique thing about yourself that no one else has? The quality of your life is determined by the quality of questions you ask yourself. Start asking better questions and you will start owning your Thought Leader genius. If you don't think you have it, it's only because you don't know how to ask the right ones.

Imagine, putting all of these into place where your business could be 8 weeks from now, 1 year and beyond!

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