Why there are so few women CEOs and how to become a global influencer with your business and brand

Recently I flew to San Francisco to appear on the Bay Area Focus show on CBS-CW and I was inspired to shared my message for women leaders/entrepreneurs.

In the interview the TV host asked me why there were so few women CEOs. I gave her some of my reasons like there is still a bias against women leading, thinking they can't be assertive like men or take risks. Also, I mentioned Sheryl Sandberg and how women should "Lean In" to their careers, which is taking a proactive stance to own their power.

It all boils down to going after what you want and not allowing yourself to subordinate to authority figures or outside forces. It's been a man's world for many years, and the power struggle I find interesting because sometimes things have to breakdown before we can truly breakthrough. I don't see these issues going away anytime soon either.

According to the Pew Research Center, women still make up a small percentage of leadership positions from CEOS to politics.

The Biology of Breakthroughs

I am here to help inspired women entrepreneurs break these plateaus and shift the paradigm. It will get worse before it gets better. I'm actually OK with that because just like in biology growth happens on the brink of support and challenge. We are seeing some interesting disruptions occurring from politics to the business world. I also don't want to throw men under the bus either, because they are important in our transformation as leaders. There are some amazing men out there, which includes my boyfriend who happens to be a CEO of a company that employs women in leadership roles at the highest level. (I knew there was a reason I liked him!)

Editor's Note: This is your brain having a breakthrough

Why challenge is necessary to be an extraordinary leader

If you've been following me for awhile I have talked about my struggles growing up and being diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disorder, and how I labeled myself as stupid. That label was a lie and I believed it for many years until I was able to tap into my true genius and potential. I want to show other women and women entrepreneurs out there to not let set backs or so called challenges hold you back. All to often when faced with a challenge we stop and create a story as to why we can't be successful. Your story is part of your success but what holds most entrepreneurs back is buying into their story, rehashing it, and then creating an excuse as to why they can't be successful. I've worked with CEOs and high level leaders to see how they deal with challenges and I'm always blown away by how they process change and challenge.

Insider Secrets To A CEO's mindset

One of the reason why I love studying the most successful CEOs and leaders on this planet, is that they have found the formula for solving difficult problems. Their level of awareness is different from someone that is just starting out in business.

Let's compare

A CEO's mindset says, "Let me process the problem so I can find a solution"

A Broke Entrepreneur's Mindset says "I can't handle this so I need to stop"

A CEO's mindset says, "What resources can I find to solve this problem?" A Broke Entrepreneur's Mindset says "I don't have the resources so I have to quit"

Truth be told, even high level CEOs have cash flow issues but they find ways to get the resources they need.

A CEO's mindset says, "I make fast decisions and take calculated risks" A Broke Entrepreneur's Mindset "I have to over analyze and think about it"

In my research, I've discovered that all leaders have challenges and how they solve problems determines the level of success that they obtain. Even people like Richard Branson, had dyslexia and I read that he struggled with understanding the difference between what net and gross income meant. Then someone gave him a metaphor so he could visually connect this concept in his brain. Reading stories like this can show you how we are no different than anyone in the world that you might perceive having more of something. The key is to stop minimizing yourself and realize that you do have a fabulous genius mind, just waiting to come out.

The Formula for Accelerating Your Income

If you want to make more money, you'll make more if you take on bigger and new challenges. The people that stay stuck and small are not willing to risk investing in themselves or take massive action. Everything you do in life has risk.

I speak to entrepreneurs often telling me their money stories and some are unwilling to invest in something that could impact the world and their bank account. I'm not interested in working with people that treat their business like a hobby, I'm interested in empowering entrepreneurs that want to create massive transformation in th world. This work is both challenging and rewarding. If you tell me a story as to why you can't do something, I will tell you you're right. If you CHANGE your story you will have a different result. I know if you're reading this, realize you have what it takes, the problem is no one has shown you how to succeed. You need to have the right mindset and the right strategy. You can't do one without the other. It's like thinking you will drive from New York City to LA without any gas (Unless it's a Tesla-I know my readers are smart -but you get my point!)

Editor's note: You need gas in your tank to go the distance!

You also have Market, Think, Speak and Sell like a Thought Leader. If you don't want to sound like everyone else, then you must find what makes you unique. That's why the very first think I do when working with a new client is determining their values. It's a scientific process that shows how your brain is operating and how you take action. It allows me to help clients set goals that are congruent and achievable. Once I have this data I can help Birth a Fabulous Brand that is aligned with what you're inspired to do the most.

Editor's note: Birthing your Fabulous Brand is an experience that will change your life! A big shout out to all of the mothers too ;)

Would you agree that 1+1=2? If so then you'll realize that having the right formula is duplicatable and once you find the formula that makes you fabulous you can play on a bigger scale and repeat the marketing, selling, and positing of your products and services on multiple platforms.

IMAGINE getting your product or service out there to Elite clients that easily pay and refer you to others and you feel confident in what you are delivering!

How would that change your life?

I want you to start thinking about the impact that you CAN create. Start thinking like a Thought Leader and take action. Having information is one thing, but implementing will get you results. If you're in your head and you can't implement that tells me either you don't have a plan, your plan is wrong, or there's something that's in your way that's stopping you. I work with clients to reach new levels of awareness so they can reach their highest potential in their business and life. I know the term mindset gets thrown around a lot, and many people still don't understand how their mind makes a decision. Some of the latest research that is out there can actually help you to accelerate the track of being a Thought Leader in your Business. This is what I am teaching my Elite La Dolce Vita Clients as we speak that work with me for the entire year. In my next article I am going to share with you some interesting research on Einstein's brain and how you can think like Einstein too.

Editor's note: I love this picture, it reminds me how being playful is key to your genius mind!

I'm working on some fabulous Thought Leader La Dolce Vita programs that I can't wait to share with you but for now, if you're looking for some resources, check out my latest book, Woman On Fire Entrepreneur. Even if you're a man, you'll find you can apply these strategies to your business too!

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Feel free to comment below and let me know your VISION for global impact!

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