The Science of Getting Rich for Women Entrepreneurs: The Formula For Making Money Episode #143

There is a SCIENCE of getting rich for women entrepreneurs. If you're wanting to go to the next level there's a formula.

I used to beat myself up not knowing how to do it and as a result I kept thinking that I would never generate the kind of money and live my own La Dolce Vita life, which means the Sweet Life.

As a women entrepreneur you have to know who you are. You also have to get clear on what specifically that you want and set goals that are aligned with your values.

When you set goals that are a fantasy and don't achieve them you will beat yourself and wonder why you can't get there.

The most successful female entrepreneurs and CEO's follow this formula and so can you!

I've been empowering female entrepreneurs world-wide in sharing how to build a successful business and attract elite clients.

If you have the determination and drive to make an impact in the world with your work then you have to do what others don't.

You have to reprogram your mind for success. The 1% do what it takes the others quit.

I've created a video training to help you be the 1%.

Take my 3 Day Sweet Life Challenge and follow my formula.

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