La Dolce Vita Philosophy: What stops you from being successful in your business

Years ago I was so miserable with my business, body, and relationships and I didn't know if my life was worth living. If you've ever had a cloudy vision and felt like you were swimming in a sea of doubt, you're not alone.

I remember feeling paralyzed thinking, "I've wasted my life, and I have no purpose!" Those dark days were heavy on my soul. I felt I'd never see the day where I was doing something inspiring, especially for women and women entrepreneurs. I would constantly beat myself up because I wasn't true to myself and had unrealistic expectations of where I should be. To put it bluntly, I was a mess and unclear on what I should be doing in general and in my head most of the time. As I look back, I realized that everything served a purpose because today I coach women, CEO's, and female entrepreneurs in creating inspiring visions with their work that make an impact in the world through my La Dolce Vita Thought Leader marketing, speaking, selling, and product creation formulas.

The real secret that holds you back from taking a leap..

No matter what you've experienced in the past, I want you to realize that your past is part of your journey in creating a successful business. Your POWER comes from having the wisdom to see both sides that you might perceive right now in this moment as either positive or negative. Nothing is positive or negative until you give it meaning. Mainstream positive thinking clouds your potential to see this because they expect you to ONLY think positive thoughts. Black and white thinking is dangerous and it's why as a society, we have more people on anti-depressants. My philosophy is to see the wisdom of embracing both sides and seeing the benefits to experiencing all emotions. The key is to not stay in a highly polarized state of negativity but to realize that you have days that feel like you're on purpose and others when you are off. I challenge anyone to go throughout the day and only thing positive thoughts. It's not possible, so just know that both sides are necessary for your business and personal growth.

Editor's Note: There's no magical pill where you'll always feel positive.

This is the biggest reason why people hold themselves back from playing on a bigger scale because they are unable to embrace both sides. Anything that you haven't cleared and is still running in your unconscious or conscious mind will impeded you from doing the extraordinary. What if I told you that you could literally flip on a switch in your brain to generate ideas that you could monetize on a bigger level, attract higher quality clients, be more focused and not let the past occupy the space and time in your mind?

When you know how to breakthrough to your genius mind, you become unstoppable. The problem is, that many entrepreneurs run their stories of someone or something and then become stuck.

That's why I love using the science, psychology, and philology of being able to move mountains in your mind so that the external world will shift. (which means adding extra $$$ in your bank account)

You need to have the internal (mindset) and external (clarity on your vision,sales, marketing mastery and implementation) in order to live your sweet life. If you don't know how to shift internally then don't expect to attract elite clients, charge what you're worth, get clear on your vision, or align yourself with opportunities. My mission is being The Entrepreneur Catalyst for those women leaders and entrepreneurs that want to make an impact in the world and live their La Dolce Vita Life!

Since I've worked hard on reprogramming my mind for success, I've been able to reach millions with my message through my TV and media appearances. The internal shift allowed me to connect with opportunities that I never thought were possible. The reason why I'm sharing this with you is that you can do the same. I've talked to countless entrepreneurs that haven't been able to create consistent income or play on a bigger scale because they're either not aware of how to shift for themselves or they've bought into someone else's false vision. If you want to make more money and create a bigger impact it all starts with the mind. I've been studying Thought Leaders and the most successful people on this planet and have found a proven formula that takes the guess work out of your ability to be successful.

Recently I shared my vision on CBS-TV, promoting my recent book, Woman On Fire Entrepreneur.

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One of the questions the TV host asked is why there were so few women CEO's. There's many reasons, but one of them I mentioned is that there still is a bias against women leading, thinking they can't be aggressive like men or take risks. Being a Woman On Fire Entrepreneur myself, I know that's completely untrue because women are the masters of not only multi-tasking but multi-creating. We can have it all and do it all.

There's nothing we can't do once we put our minds to it.

Editor's Note: Bay Area Focus with the Fabulous TV Host, Michelle Griego

I also talked about how as women, we can label ourselves with lies. I told my story when I was in 4th grade being diagnosed with dyslexia, a learning disorder, where I labeled myself as stupid for many years. I went through many challenges where I beat myself up mentally and was able overcome them through being persistent and the ability to really own my power, which means never letting anyone stand in my way.

As women, we need to support each other, and give ourselves permission to shine and not shrink.

Editor's Note: Yes, I did take a selfie when on the set, why not?

"You are the woman who can make a difference in the world with your work."

I wanted to share my philosophy on how you can create an inspiring message that attracts elite clients too. First off, why is this important? If you want to make a global impact you must know how to inspire others. You also must have a clear vision on how you are going to do it too. During the TV interview, I shared the importance of Clarity. I said it's like going to a restaurant and asking the waiter for just food. There's a level of uncertainty of what you might get back by not being clear on your order.

Editor's note: When you're not clear you never know what you will get

The same thing applies to your vision for your business. Have you ever noticed that you will attract more chaos in your business and life to the degree of your uncertainty? That's why the very first thing I do with clients is helping them to get clear on their vision using my formula called, The Fabulous Statement of Inspiration. This is the mastery of planning out your business for the rest of your life.

Don't be general in your vision An example of an unclear vision is saying you want to impact people or make a million dollars. You need to have an exact road map of what you are doing and how you are going to get there.

Also make sure what you say you want matches who you are. I have specific guidelines for helping entrepreneurs nail their goals and when they follow it they're amazed how well it works for them. They have a profound sense of gratitude knowing that they CAN do it and as a result, their income and ability to set bigger goals goes up.

Results can happen in a few days or a few weeks One of my newest elite clients had a huge breakthrough because I helped her with creating a clear vision that she can easily implement. She's already creating and filling up her programs as we speak. Before I started working with her she was stuck and unorganized in her business and we worked on both reprogramming her mind for success and creating the right marketing strategy to get her there. Can you see that getting where you want to go is a formula that you can follow? Once you do it and see the results you will never stop. I've even created a video training that you can do called The 3 Day Sweet Life Challenge

Click here for the 3 Day Sweet Life Challenge

Don't let anyone stand in the way of what you are here to do.

Hire a mentor/coach that can help you accelerate your goals and that understands the inner game of breaking through your mental blocks.

Focus on the highest priorities of what you need to do on a daily basis that will help support your long term vision.

Are you looking for the formula to help your business make a global impact? What's stopping you from playing on a bigger scale? Do you want to live your La Dolce Vita life and do something FABULOUS? I've worked with clients, world-wide in a variety of industries and I can tell you this, your level of success and how fast you get there all depends on the following:

  • Reprogramming your mind for success

  • Having the right marketing strategy

  • Accountability so that you are implementing

  • Mastering the Art of Sales

  • Mastering the Art of Speaking

  • Mastering the Art of Service

Let me know what's stopping you from playing on a bigger scale? Post your comments below


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