La Dolce Vita: The Philosophy of Success for Your Business

Years ago I asked myself one of the most important questions ...

What could I do as a business where I could live anywhere in the world and transform people's lives?

This ONE question was the catalyst to start my journey and it wasn't an easy one either, but I was willing to do whatever it took because that was my mission. I was so sick of seeing how others were living their dreams through using their business as a vehicle to do it. I didn't think I was good enough either and because I didn't value myself it stopped my true potential.

If you'e ever thought that you were playing too small it's usually because of the outer voices that told you that story. We internalize our stories from what society or other influences around us. If you don't know my story, I was told I had a learning disorder, dyslexia, and that's why I was failing in school. I labeled myself as stupid, because no one sat me down to let me know there was nothing wrong with me either. This carried over to most of my adult life and I was asking all the wrong questions like...

Why is this always so hard for me? Why am I stupid? Why can't I make money?

Once I started to change my perception I started to birth and attract new ideas to me that were profitable. I was lead by my inspiration. In the beginning I started out as a fitness personal. I choose that profession because I was fed up and frustrated with my own body. My void of not having my ideal body drove my highest value of wanting to create it. I set out on the path to learn everything I could about fitness and nutrition. I started to get into amazing shape too. I had a great clientele and word spread fast about the results I was getting clients. There was a lot of trial and error ...beating myself up but for some reason I had the desire to keep going. The result of pushing through, allowed me to keep my business and become a true entrepreneur. I started to develop my programs and systems offline and I was told that I needed to get it out there to the masses. Before Facebook, I was able to market my first program and be profitable in 60 days! It was all about the mind and body connection and how you can reprogram your mind so that your body will follow. It started in my small office and got raving reviews from my clients so I decided to launch it as my first digital copy online.

I realized when I started setting goals that were doable I was able to set even bigger goals. I published my book that became a Best-Seller too!

I set a goal to write my first book in 3 months and did it. My first draft wasn't the best. I had major spelling errors so when I republished it I hired an editor. You see, you don't have to be perfect, you just have to get into motion. Trying to be perfect is like trying to say you never will make a mistake in your's just not going to happen.

Editor's note: First edition of my book, Body of Love

Editor's note: 2nd edition and actually going to create a 3rd one soon!

I feel these are all learning lessons. Having a perfectionist mentality can paralyze you. I find when people can't make decisions and they need to think about it never achieve the success that they want. If this is you..then you need to stop and reevaluate how this is a drawback to you when building a successful business. The greatest leaders and philosophers share the formula of learning the lessons of failure to their fortune. I don't know any successful CEO or leader that hasn't faced challenges. The bigger the challenges you conquer the higher up you will climb.

If you don't believe me, then study people like Oprah, J.K. Rowlings, and Sarah Blakely.

These 3 women billionaires are not without their failures and it's part of their successful formula.

You only fail if you quit

This is why it's important for you to never give up. You only fail if you quit. To be an entrepreneur it's really about the journey. Yes, you want to be widely successful but that can never happen if you're not willing to master everything you need to in business.

As I was growing my fitness business I still couldn't manage to get it to a level where I was no longer worrying about bills. It stressed me out and every time I would think about it, I would just want to hide out! This impacted my relationships with men, where I started to see a correlation of bad relationships to depleting bank account!

I realized that what I was thinking and feeling created a feedback loop to keep me stuck. I had managed to learn the technical aspects of building an email list, copywriting, creating programs and all of the practical components but my doubt was exceeding what my bank account was dictating.

This is when I went back to the basics of asking myself the ONE question...

What can I do to make an bigger impact in the world, live the life I've always dreamed about and truly be myself?

I started to pivot in my business because I was researching and studying neuroscience, quantum physics and trying to make meaning out of my chaos. This was one of the best things that could have happened because it brought me to what I am doing now, which is being The Entrepreneur Catalyst for primarily women and entrepreneurs.

As I started working on reprogramming my mind I saw that my bank account went up!

I created goals that were aligned with who I really was instead of fantasy goals which most marketers try to sell you on. It's what I call "The Unicorn Goal"

Editor's note: This is what a Unicorn goal looks like. Have you ever set one?

You have to know who you are in order to get where you want to go, without this formula you'll find yourself setting goals that are a fantasy (AKA The Unicorn Goal), beat yourself up for not achieving them and want to throw in the towel.

I finally got the formula right that worked specifically for me and my business. Once I started to implemented it for myself I helped other clients do the same and showed them how to reprogram their mind for success.

I also created systems to help them stay on track so that every day they knew what to do. The practical strategy is also important to create consistent high income. This was another thing I was missing in my business. I wasn't creating a plan for myself and therefore it was feast of famine.

I personally wanted to go to the next level so I was investing in high level mentoring that was a stretch to invest in but I knew I would take action and implement anything they told me to do. I realized that implementing, having a clear vision and plan, and more importantly setting goals that were aligned with who I was were critical to growing my business and brand. The more invested I saw my income go up too.

If you're read the book, The One Thing by Gary Keller, he says 76.7% of people that get someone to hold them accountable like a mentor are more likely to achieve their goals.

So why is it that people spend most of their money on consumables (expensive trips, cars,clothes) and say they don't have the money?

The real secret is you have the money for what you value.

If you value your business you'll invest in yourself to get you to your goal. I find the most successful clients are the ones that implement what I tell them to do, shift their mindset, and understand the value of creating a long term goal. Having a long term goal will pay you dividends, whereas trying to go for the quick fix will cost you!

You're mind is like an internal compass, always seeking fulfillment and if you deny yourself in giving yourself permission to play on a bigger scale you'll attract someone or something to push you back to your internal compass.

I guarantee it!

I know what you're thinking...Heather, how can I play on a bigger scale? I know I'm have so much more to offer and I've tried everything! The truth is you haven't tried everything, that's just a story you're wanting to tell yourself so that you can have an easy out. I know because I was guilty of telling the same story. This is why it's important to understand the Philosophy of Success for Your Business.

Let me breakdown the philosophy in the simplest form so you can apply it.

First you have to determine the hierarchy of your values, which is how you see your world and take action not what you SAY you want. The reason why this is important is that if you know what your top 3 values are so you can set goals that are aligned with who you are and accomplish them. Once you accomplish your first set of goals it will allow you to set even bigger goals. This concept dates back to the Greeks, where they created a study of Teleology-which is the highest purpose or end in mind of a human's desire. They also created Axiology-which is the study of values and worth.

This is the very first step I do when working with a client because it also helps me to create a brand that is unique.

Think about how many times you tried to copy others in setting goals or creating your own brand that leaves you feeling a disconnected and as a result, you don't hit your revenue goals. I had the same issues until I followed this formula. You owe to yourself to dig deeper, and stop trying to be someone you're not. You are here to be live your most unique expression of yourself. Believe it or not this has everything to do with what is showing up in your bank account.

Let me know your thoughts and where you're at in your business. Are you having issues creating your brand? Are you having issues attracting elite clients?

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