Mastering the Art of Speaking and Attracting Elite Clients

Last week, I presented to a fabulous group of women entrepreneurs. My friend, Lisa Lamont was there and we did a FB LIVE before I went on.

Editor's note: I do my best impression of a giraffe on this video..LOL

If you didn't read my post before on How to Speak on Stages and Attract Elite Clients then read this now. This blog post is similar but I want to share with you my wisdom and insight on mastering the art of speaking and influence.

The video clip you saw on first post was from a prior speaking engagement and although I did very well attracting elite clients from that single presentation, I personally felt I put way too much information into the presentation. I decided that I wanted to tweak my presentation and take it to the next level to create more impact.

Create a message the serves and sells!

This is what a master does, they look for how can master and refine the process for each presentation they do from the stage. There's a lot of danger in either putting yourself up on a pedestal or in the pit after you speak. You need to have a balanced mind, otherwise there's no room for growth. My mission is to help other Thought Leaders just like you, create a message that serves and sells. I've helped clients world-wide perfect the art of their speaking and messaging, and each time we review their presentation I praise and critique so I can take them to the next level too.

The formula for your increased income and influence

When they do this, they find that their income and influence goes up. It's the formula for living their La Dolce Vita life and a huge part of my brand, which is mastery in business and life. They say it takes 10,000 hours to master anything. I remember watching the Indie film, JIRO DREAMS OF SUSHI and saw the dedication of mastering the Art of Sushi making. I was in awe of the early morning rituals of prepping to serving his guests. The restaurant only seats 10 people and has a waiting list for months and he's considered one of the world's best sushi chefs.

After watching this film, it's apparent the love, discipline, and focus you must have to get to this level.

So why is this important to you?

If you want to be at the top 20% of the world you need to know how to Master the Art of Speaking. If you want to go even further you must know how to influence your audience. And if you want to go to the very top you must be able to Master the Art of Influencing others with their purpose. I see many people speaking today however, they seem to miss the important ingredients in captivating their audiences. If you can't do that your business won't grow and you'll stay the same as everyone else.

I find that speaking mastery is about constant refinement. You have to dissect everything you do from your voice inflection, speed of speaking (which I tend to be very fast -but that's just who I am) to engaging a room. Most people have a short attention span, so if you don't hook them at the very beginning of your presentation they will be checked out and you'll lose the ability to influence and sell. Selling is an important skill to master and I will write about that in another post.

Editor's note: This is the worst thing that could happen to you when you're speaking!

Since I am into the art of mastery, this last presentation was even better, and I know that by how many people who came up to me after I was done. My calendar is booked solid with sessions that will transform into sales. Even if you get to the level of mastery, guess what, there's always something you can improve. I don't care who you are and how well you know your subject either because the minute you think you know it all, you will attract someone or something to bring you back to balance. This is why before every speaking engagement I balance my mind and set my intention to create a powerful message to the audience. You have to have a value on others in order to create a global impact and this is the mantra and mindset I go into as I mentally prepare before going on stage.

You want to make sure you practice your presentation enough to where you could do it in your sleep even if you have a Powerpoint.

Why you ask? Well, for one thing, your Powerpoint could crash (which has happened to me). You also might lose your train of thought too. I never rely on notes, as that is for amateurs.. if you are looking to master your speaking and influence others. The reason being, is that you don't want to be perceived as anything less but a professional.

Steve Jobs, new this formula too! When he got ready to promote any Apple product it has been documented that he practiced around 70 hours for a single presentation. The man was a master at presenting. You don't have do it exactly like him either, but you do need to spend time working on every aspect of your presentation and deliver it with your own fabulous formula, otherwise don't expect to attract elite clients..and don't except to be a Thought Leader either.

Editor's note: Steve Jobs would relentlessly master the art of presenting and spent hours practicing his pitch so that he could influence others.

I like to extract the traits of the greatest Thought Leaders and do the same. It's actually something I teach at the highest level when clients work with me for an entire year. I show them how to download genius thinking by one simple formula.

How I create every presentation

I start by first drawing my presentation in analog mode..which means taking out my La Dolce Vita Journal and sketching it out in a mind map format. I've found that drawing out your presentation allows your brain to absorb the information faster and retain your presentation material. In fact, one of my favorite books on mind mapping is called The Mind Map Book

Editor's Note: This book has changed the way I create strategies for my business and also when working with my elite clients.

Editor's Note: This is how I approach every presentation and business idea and it creates powerful neural connections in your brain to recall the information and connects to genius inspiration.

Editor's Note: Make sure before each presentation you dress and look the part, be what I call "On Brand!"

If you're not speaking now, I suggest you start looking for opportunities right now. I love coaching and teaching my formula that attracts elite clients. Speaking also creates more confidence in your brand and within yourself.

Don't hide out and stop doing boring presentations that leaves your audience snoozing because you're losing out on massive transformation for them and yourself.

You can master this, all you need is the right formula.

Let me know if you're thinking about speaking or if you currently are what's the biggest challenge you're facing right now to speak, influence, and convert your ideal prospects into paying ones?

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