The Formula For Mastering Your Confidence: Female Thought Leader Lounge Series #139

Having confidence in your business is the KEY to your success. If you don't have confidence you can't attract elite clients. If you don't have confidence you won't take the action you need to create a global impact.

My expert guest shares her formula around embracing your authentic self and being able to overcome the challenges that you might be facing when putting yourself out there with your product, service, or work.

Caren has invested the past 40+ years being of service to community by sharing her gift of song and media. She has been produced by Rhino Records. Created 8 CD’s that focus on moving community towards hope. She has provided arts programming for the public and private schools sector in LA. Authored 4 books. She is the host of the influential webTV Show The Little White Lie, a global movement asking you to say embrace your authentic self, talents, and gifts and say YES to embracing your Little White Lie!

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