The Formula For Mastering Your Mindset: Female Thought Leader Series #136

I've created a special series to help women entrepreneurs deal with mastering their mindset and play on a bigger scale. A Thought Leader is one who creates her own future and doesn't let the outer world to dictate her circumstances.

This next episode is about helping you push past through your sticking points in your business and your life.

Maureen Manley is a former member of the USA Cycling Team, National Champion, and World Championship Silver Medalist. Maureen knows about what it takes to perform at a World Class level. She also knows what it takes to navigate through significant challenges. After a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, she turned her determination and focus to a new journey: exploring ways to integrate her mind, body and spirit to create optimal health and deepen her knowledge of powerful performance strategies.

Maureen has returned to cycling and established her business, Spirit In Motion. She currently delivers motivational presentations around the country, leads workshops, and consults with individuals and organization to champion their desires into reality.

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