La Dolce Vita: My Birthday Philosophy

Today is my Birthday!

Editor's note: Molly Ringwald, from the classic movie, Sixteen Candles -my all time favorite fun movie from the 80's genre , in this scene even her grandparents forgot her Birthday! This is my worst nightmare..LOL

I tried to create a short 5 minute video on how I see you showing up in the world as an influencer and creating more visibility but it ended up being 28:13 seconds.

When I create a video it's usually unscripted because I hate reading scripts and honestly I just want to share with you an inspired message that can help transform your business so that you can live you own La Dolce Vita (The Sweet Life!)

This means designing your life around your business.

Editor's Note: I love taking vacations to tropical places, my last one was in Honolulu

Plus, I am sharing 2 time-sensitive offers with you. One is for only 5 Thought Leaders and the other is an offer that anyone needing some help around reprogramming their mind around money.


I work with 6 and 7 figure businesses and those that are still hustling to make things happen but know they can't do it alone!

  • You're ready to implement

  • You're ready to stop settling for less

  • You're ready to be a Thought Leader and want to increase your visibility and influence online and offline

Right now my time is dedicated to only working with Elite clients that want to get to the next level. I love helping clients grow their business and create their La Dolce Vita life. This means having the freedom to do, be, and have what's important to them in their business and life.

Recent Client Win! One of my newest elite clients generated over $23k in 2 weeks just by following my formula for marketing, sales, and upgrading her mindset.

She is coachable and IMPLEMENTS exactly what I tell her to do.

Here's the 2 Private Birthday Invitations

Offer 1-La Dolce Vita Intensive

3 Hour Video Intensive (5 spots only)

For Thought Leaders Only:

  • Get clear on your vision

  • Package and Price your elite offers

  • Thought Leader Sales Mastery (You have elite programs or services)

  • Thought Leader Marketing Strategy (The right marketing strategy to position you in front of thousands and build your platform)

  • Thought Leader Mindset (How to shift to from just a get by life business to global Thought Leader and create more influence and visibility)

We will focus on 1-2 core things you need help with the most and you'll walk away with specific action steps that will work for your business (No cookie cutter programs here)

Plus you get a copy of your video session and your own dashboard online with everything we've covered. (This includes the entire 2017 of planning, Quarterly goals, monthly goals, and weekly goals that you can implement right away)

FULL PAY<--Click here

2 PAY<---Click here

Offer 2-Money Vibe program

21 Days to reprogram your mind for success and money

Click here to learn more

Enter coupon code: birthday <--- to save $200

Ends Friday at 12 MIDNIGHT for both!

I am working on some brand new products this year that are mind-blowing and limiting everything I do to only work with Thought Leaders.

Editor's note: This is not Frankie Lee but this Chihuahua wanted to sing Happy Birthday to me, I am plugging my ears because he's a little off tune!

My Birthday Philosophy is simply this...

Create a life that is extraordinary and stop settling for anything mediocre in your life! This means stepping up your game, and taking responsibility for where you are at and where you want to go. Get a plan in place and work it. Get someone to hold you accountable that can help you implement it and never wish and hope things will happen...because you make it happen!

Editor's note: Here's my first FABULOUS birthday I decided I wanted to have my cake and eat it too!


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