La Dolce Vita: The Philosophy of Profitability

If you have been following me online I've mentioned that I had issues with my wrist and forearm and decided to get some help. I had two choices, I could go to a traditional doctor that would prescribe me pain pills and maybe a few exercises to help alleviate my symptoms or I could go to a Chiropractor who has the opposite view in treatment and heal naturally? When it comes to my health I am very proactive and research what I find is the best solution for me. Taking prescription drugs is toxic to my body and can have side effects. It will reduce the pain but the problem is still inside of my body.

Have you ever watched drug commercials on T.V. and how fast they go through the potential side affects including the potential for death? It's mind blowing how our society is conditioned to treating something. My philosophy is if I can treat something naturally first that will be my course of action. It's not that I don't believe Western medicine doesn't have its place, it does, but I find all too often we look for the quick fix. The problem with the quick fix is that it doesn't address the root cause. I'm happy to say that now, after almost 2 months of Chiropractic care I am 99% better! No toxic drugs circulating in my body, and it's healing itself through proper adjustment.

Chiropractic philosophy recognizes that the power that created the body can heal the body.

Why am I writing about the benefits of Chiropractic? If you care about profitability in your business then you will want to read on, because this dramatically impacts your business!

Your mind contains a belief system so whatever your perceive to be true you will start seeing those beliefs show up in your daily life and negatively impact your business if you don't fix how you are thinking.

If you don't believe me then I encourage you to first look at what you're telling yourself, then connect your actions or inaction.

For example, if you keep second guessing yourself in your business thinking that something you are creating in your business won't work (or that you will always attract the wrong clients) then watch what happens. You negative thoughts are like a cancer you inject that perpetuates fear. When you reinforce the fear ..what you don't want will appear! (You might want to read that again) You can heal your business by healing your mind first! Unfortunately, most of us have grown up with the idea that failing is bad and when things don't work out how we wanted them to, we throw in the towel or look outside of ourselves to fix the problem...we start blaming and the vicious cycle repeats!

Thoughts create electrical chemical charges

When diving deeper into the psychology of a new client as to why their business isn't working I could give them a solution in the form of a MAGIC PILL marketing plan. If I were to do that what will happen is they will either become paralyzed with fear and not take any action or they will implement the plan and will attract crappy results and I guarantee crappy clients. It's like taking a drug to get that quick fix instead of going to the root cause. This goes back to my philosophy of holistic health first instead of pill popping! Your thoughts have energy and will dictate everything that shows up in your business the good and bad!

You are the common denominator for your business. You can blame the people around you, the economy, or your dog. (OK, I have to have some fun here!)

Editor's note: I could easily blame my 7 pound Chihuahua, Frankie Lee, but he's just too cute to do that to him!

Truth be told is that your mind will dictate the outcome. I've been studying neuroscience for years and how the brain's plasticity can change through a process called remyelination. When we learn something new, myelin production increases in the part of the brain where learning occurs. This interplay, where the brain's development is shaped by the demands that are imposed on it, is what we know today as the brain's plasticity.

How this impacts your business and your body

What you say to yourself all day long will create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Your internal dialogue does impact your physiology (you can make yourself sick by thinking stressful thoughts) and doubt yourself because you don't know if you have what it takes, therefore you don't take any action. That's why it's important to stop looking for the quick fix and start looking at what is the real cause of what's going on in your business.

HINT: It's you!

Long term vision = Profitability Quick fix = Frustration and Downward Spiraling

If you want a quick fix for your business, you can jump on the shiny bandwagon which I've seen many entrepreneurs do...get some success, but go right back to where you are or even worse be forced to shut the physical or virtual doors on your business. Or you could get to the root cause and build a healthy business that creates consistent cash flow each month.

Editors note: It's Ok if you've failed in the past the great news is, you have the power to rebuild your business and pick yourself up!

I love coaching clients through the La Dolce Vita formula using science, psychology, and philosophy of why they are stuck, how they can grow, and shift their thinking to a new level of awareness, influence AND visibility for their business. After I set the foundation for your mind then the marketing strategy we create starts converting into cash.

I know years ago I blamed everything on everyone else until I realized I couldn't run from my problems. I had to take responsibility for how I was thinking, doing, and being. Once I took responsibility that the profits in my business are driven by more core beliefs I did everything to change it. I created a formula that supported the vision of my business and then started to take inspired action with the right marketing strategy and it accelerated the way I was building my business. I started setting bigger goals and actually achieving them because I wanted to master my mindset. This goes beyond the Law of Attraction because you need to understand the science behind what your mind is doing so that you can actually change it and in turn create better results. Wishing and hoping things will happen is like taking a magic pill.

This leaves me with asking you the question, do you want to keep chasing shiny objects, blaming others for your lack of success, or find the formula for being highly profitable and unstoppable in your business? It's your choice!

Let me where you're stuck and I'll show you how to breakthrough

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