La Dolce Vita: The Catalyst to Your Success

The other day I just finished up a VIP day with a new Elite Client. I give my clients the choice to do our first La Dolce Experience either virtual or LIVE.

What I love about in person experiences is that you connect with me on a very deep level. I get excited thinking about the transformation that will happen before they walk through the doors to the LDV Experience.

Check out this fabulous boardroom and we are on the 33rd floor in downtown Seattle

This client has worked for some of the top Fortune 500 companies and is ready to venture off on her own and create her own inspired mission for her business. Having a vision that is crystal clear is one of the most critical things that you need to do if you want to make a global impact and have a fulfilling life! I call this your Fabulous Statement of Inspiration.

This statement is based on my 3 step formula that embodies the La Dolce Vita Philosophy of what do you want to BE, DO, HAVE that allows you to create your sweet life...this means however you want to design your life you CAN have it.

Truth time...

I honestly didn't realize the POWER of having a mission statement that was clear really meant ..before I actually started doing it myself. I can't explain it, something came over me the minute I wrote it down, which by the way took me 3 hours for the first draft of how I wanted to create my global impact. I had tears of inspiration because this time I wasn't going to let anyone or anything stand in my way. I had spent a huge part of my life failing and beating myself up for not being successful...come to find out, I was the common denominator and everything I faced on my path was necessary for my evolution. That includes all of the wrong men whom I allowed to hold me back. They were the biggest mentors to me because they taught me to Own My Power.

I was the biggest mess because in addition to giving my power away, I also would compare myself to others and It started when I was younger. It really struck me in 4th grade when I was diagnosed with a learning disorder, dyslexia. I was taken out of the classroom and in front of my friends into a glass room right across from the hall. The worst part was that everyone knew I was going for "special tutoring." At that age your entire world is about being liked. Your highest value is wanting to be popular.

Who are you?

This brings me to another flashback from the past. Last weekend I saw my boyfriend's daughter in a play, Alice In Wonderland. I was in complete awe because for the first time I saw this play with a new set of eyes. My adult mind was captivated by the character, Alice, who kept asking "Who am I?" This spoke volumes to me because for many years I didn't know this answer and it's exactly what held me back from embracing who I really was. It almost drained my bank account and my spirit sunk. I constantly would question myself if I really should be doing this. If you ever felt this way, you're not alone!

So why am I sharing this with you?

Your past is part of who you are and when you embrace it, you can give yourself permission to play on a bigger scale. I started to realized that my disorder was there to give me order. All of the challenges I endured happened for a reason. When you realize this for yourself you then begin to Master Your Life. This means you show up in your business and rise to the top of your industry as a leader.

All great leaders, have endured the pain and pleasure of the pursuit of something worthy. They surround themselves with other Thought Leaders and influencers in the world. Your vision and how you want to show up is completely up to you. Every step of the way you can ask yourself these 3 questions...

"How do I really want to show up?" "Who do I really want to impact?" "What is it that I must do to make it happen?"

You must be ready to move forward and fast because that's what leaders do. They say you are the sum of 5 people you hang around with the most and it's true! I am going to write a longer post on this later because it's a game changer. I've been hanging around some powerful influencers lately no one you would know on a celebrity level, but their wisdom and success is incredible. Here's what happened...I started looking at my business and life differently. As a result, my business literally doubled in just a few months. This is why when you hire a mentor or coach your business exponentially grows because you're investing in wisdom and influence. When you hang around people who don't believe in you or don't get you, the probability of your success goes way down.

Life can get in the way of your dreams and most of all the people around you if you let them! I'm so inspired to help leaders and entrepreneurs embracing their path of their own uniqueness. I've found the formula in helping them breakthrough their limitations and I am a catalyst to their success.

I stopped being Alice in Wonderland asking the question "Who am I?"

I let go of the need to please everyone too!

The lesson of popularity changed to allowing myself to be me and knowing that not everyone will like me.

Here's the thing, when you stay true to who you are and you have a clear vision you become unstoppable. Not matter what happens you find a way to shine instead of shrink.

You finally let go of your money story and excuses as to why you can't be successful. You bring your own unique expression to the marketplace and the right people align with you as your tribe.

The quality of your questions determines your path....

Who are you?

What do you want to do? What do you want to have? What do you want to be?

I'm Heather Picken teaching women and leaders how to Live their La Dolce Vita Life: The Formula For Fabulous Living. I am The Entrepreneur Catalyst, creator, and visionary to empower women in mastering their business and live the Sweet Life. I breakdown the formula using science, psychology, and philosophy so they can become powerful influencers in their industries and create a global impact.

Before our VIP day, excited and ready to transform!

If you're looking to live your La Dolce Vita Life I invite you to my brand new Female Thought Leader Lounge. I have 9 tickets left.

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Here's to living your La Dolce Vita Life!


P.S. Tell me what your mission is and I will tell you how to get there!


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