How to Have Great Sex: Formula for Fabulous Sex Episode #133

I believe as a successful woman entrepreneur your business can transform when you have a healthy sex life with your partner. This is part of the formula for fabulous living that I asked my expert guest to share with you.

She is a fabulous entrepreneur helping women by a product she created. Her journey comes from her own issues and I love that she is an empowered woman helping others through education and her product that she sells world-wide.

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Bonnie Gayle, Body Image Expert and the Founder of Sex Butter, educates on feeling comfortable and confident in and with your body as well as vaginal and sexual health. It’s all an “inside job”. Her product, Sex Butter is a sexually empowering pleasure enhancement and personal lubricant made with organic plant-based oils infused with messages of love and healing. Bonnie’s experience being thrown into a traumatic menopause overnight caused major challenges with her sex life when walking around became dry and painful. At the age of 41, Bonnie was diagnosed with vaginal atrophy which she healed holistically with her product Sex Butter and a jade egg. Now Bonnie teaches vaginal and sexual health to women worldwide.

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