How to Speak on Stages and Attract Elite Clients

A few weeks ago I spoke on stage to a group of women leaders in business and my formula for delivering a powerful message attracted and converted my ideal elite clients.

I wanted to share a small clip of the presentation. My inspired message touched the right Elite clients in the room because I'm not looking to work with just anyone anymore and neither should you!

Have you thought about speaking on stages? Are you afraid of not knowing what to say? Are you speaking now but not converting them into paying clients? Do you want to attract more Elite clients by speaking?

Do you want to learn how to get booked to speak on stages?

If so, then I can help. I've been speaking for years and I'm always looking to refine my message. I've developed a speaking formula where I've been able to attract elite clients that I love and get booked with more speaking gigs.

If you learn how to create a POWERFUL presentation you will never have a shortage of clients. You have to learn how to influence your audience and persuade them with your message. Even Aristotle talked about the Art of Persuasion, and it's something I teach my elite clients when helping them to get stage ready.

There is a formula for doing this right and once you understand EXACTLY how to do it, you CAN implement these strategies with each presentation you do. I've even had times where I thought I did a horrible job, and people told me it was an amazing presentation and I still managed to attract elite clients and MORE speaking engagements.

I remember one time giving a presentation where in the middle of it, I was coughing uncontrollably and had to stop and take a drink of water. In that moment I had two thoughts....

Editor's Note: The above picture is used for dramatic effect :)

I could just STOP and tell people my throat won't allow me to speak


I could laugh at myself and do the best that I could and finish

I went with the second option and to my surprise people came up to me and raved about the presentation (and was able to attract some of my ideal clients from it too!)

Another time I was speaking in Vegas in front of hundreds of people and my powerpoint crashed! What is a girl to do? Thankfully, I had my speaking formula down so I didn't let that stop me. Life always has a way of throwing you curve balls and there is no exception even for speaking.

That presentation resulted in 300 leads too!

I pick apart each presentation that I do and see what I did good and where I need to tweak it. Mastering your speaking message is always about looking at both sides.

Trust me, there's always something I find that I don't like and I never create a presentation trying to please everyone. (which is exhausting!)

"To be able to Speak on Stages and attract your ideal clients, you must Master The Art of Presenting, Persuading, and Inspiring"

You want to create your presentation that is INSPIRING to your ideal clients and that's not everyone in the room. I know it's like trying to be all things in your business which you just can't be. For years I tried to fit myself in that mold and then got a wake up call similar to the movie Ground Hog Day, except in my version of Ground Hog Day, I kept attracting the wrong kinds of entitled clients that were a pain to work with.

Editor's Note: If you are repeating the same pattern that's a message from the Universe to STOP it already!

Your message should ONLY connect with you ideal PAYING clients you want to work with. I work with clients all around the world in multiple industries and my presentation connects with only the right ones.

So what else do you need in your presentation?

Think about the most common problems your ideal clients are facing right now. What is it that your ideal clients really need solved and what are the solutions you can give them.

Why should they listen to you?

Make your presentation memorable so when you are creating it, I want you to think what is the ONE thing you want them to take away?

If you master this ONE thing you will leave them wanting more....which is how you can convert them into PAYING clients.

Speaking of speaking...

This is embarrassing but I have to share this with you

First promise you won't tell anyone what I am about to tell you.

Yeah right! ;)

Back in the day of when I had my fitness business...

One of my more embarrassing moments was when I was speaking in front of a large group of women on mindset and healthy eating tips. I wanted to make a point in my presentation about the power of the unconscious mind. so I did the unthinkable....

I first explained the science behind thoughts and how powerful they are when achieving your fitness goals. Then I told them to close their eyes and to NOT think of a flying monkey.

I know what you're thinking at this point...and YES it gets better.

IMAGINE they are all closing their eyes, I am telling them NOT to think about flying monkeys too..

As the entire room closed their eyes... I reached into a bag below the table and took out 10 stuffed monkeys and threw them randomly into the audience.

Bold move right?

So here's what happened..

One monkey was catapulted across the table into a woman's cup of water, it fell over and splashed her face. (The Law of Physics in motion!) She shrieked! (Wouldn't you too?)

Others screamed and laughed!

Some because they didn't expect it and others because they were excited and thought it was funny.

In that moment I started beating myself up with that one monkey that landed in the woman's cup. I had to switch my mindset quickly and just roll with it ..and at the end of the presentation I actually sold a lot of my products despite the monkey mischief. I also landed a corporate contract because of this talk. Go figure!

Editor's note: This is not the actual monkey, and no monkeys used in the performance were harmed because they were stuffed animals.

I can laugh about it now and the reason I'm sharing it with you is telling stories will always get you connected to your audience. Scientific research has shown that our brains can make a connection when dopamine is elicited.. and guess what, you can use this through the power of stories.

You've done your hard work so make sure you have a strong CTA (Call to Action). Some stages don't let you sell but I've come up with clever formulas for my clients that deliver value and get their ideal clients wanting to work with them or buy their products.

Today, I promise to never throw another monkey out into the audience, but that doesn't mean I won't try something bold either. My message is always about speaking my truth on stage or off stage and INSPIRING people to play on a bigger scale in their business and in life.

The SECRET is to find your own formula that makes you FABULOUS when speaking on stages so that you too can attract elite clients and INSPIRE people around the world too.

I hope you found this inspiring and entertaining and let me know if you're looking for the right formula for your presentations or how to find more ways to speak on stages.

I've carved out a few days to help only serious entrepreneurs that want to take their inspired message, convert it to Elite paying clients, and make an impact in the world.

Click here to learn the Formula for Speaking On Stages and Getting Paid

Leave a comment below and let me know what your biggest challenges are when it comes to your presentation or landing speaking gigs. (And have you ever had a Monkey Moment?)

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