Attract Love: The Formula to Own Your Power In Love #121

Are you a successful single woman looking for love but keep attracting the wrong men? Do you become needy if the guy you are dating doesn't text or call you back when you want him to? There's a formula for attracting the right man and love into your life and my expert guest goes beyond the illusion of what most women are thinking and doing. I loved interviewing Katarina Phang, because she not only understands the formula but has successfully helped her female clients get engaged with her philosophy. I truly appreciate it because it is something that I recommend if you want to be a high value woman. I find all too often that successful women will give their power away when it comes to dating and relationships. It's time to OWN YOUR POWER around this situation so I suggest you tune in and open your mind to this powerful interview.

Katarina Phang is a Feminine Magnetism Expert who has helped thousands of women turn their love lives around, get into a healthy relationship, get their exes back, get their guys to step up, amend their broken relationships and give birth to at least 116 engagements the past three years and since the publication of her first ebook “He’s really That Into You, He’s Just Not Ready: The Ultimate Guide of Dating Emotionally Unavailable Men or Guys Who Want To Take It Slow. Her very successful method is based on inner work instead of focusing on the men. Once a woman surrenders to her feminine energy, focuses on her own happiness and drops all expectations when it comes to men, everything else will take care of itself. She is now going to start Module 3 Celebrating Your Feminine Sexuality and Healing Your Sexual Trauma of her ultimate program “Feminine Magnetism: The Art Of Being A Woman That Enraptures A Man’s Heart.” She receives daily testimonials and success stories from happy clients around the globe. She’s today one of the world’s most highly sought dating/relationship coaches to provide definite and fast solutions to every relationship problem most women have.

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