Attract the Right Relationship: The Formula for Owning Your Power Episode #118

Are you a successful woman that has been unlucky in love? If so you want to tune into this episode because my guest shows successful women how to Own their Power and Authenticity to Attract the Right Relationship.

Jaki Sabourin (Say-Brin) is a Heart-Centered Certified Love and Dating Coach for women who want Get Engaged At Any Age™! She teaches women how deliberately Date and Consciously create the man of their dreams.

Jaki authentically draws from her journey of breaking free from the pain of her past by first learning self-love, forgiveness, clarifying her purpose in life and finally attracting the love she deserves.

She was married to her husband at the age of 50 and after being single for eight years.

She is a sought after Author, Speaker, Healer and producer of popular Engaged At Any Age™ Virtual Event. Her book “Single to Committed” “7 Steps to Attract and Keep the Love of Your Life” is a popular best seller.

She is committed to teaching, healing and empowering women to do their deep internal work so they can truly be free from limiting beliefs and get clear about their vision, shift their mindset, create inner confidence, and breakthrough to live the life they have always dreamed of and discover their ability to attract the love and adoration they deserve!

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