Turn your chaos into more peace, money and success: The Formula For Success Episode #117

If you're unorganized in your business you'll find your flow of money will STOP or get stagnant.

It's something that I know impacts every entrepreneur that comes to me. If they don't know their cash flow they won't grow.

It's something I struggled with myself too!

Once I got organized and ordered in my business it was amazing the clients I attracted and how my income skyrocketed.

What Conny shares in this interview goes beyond the numbers and goes deeper into physical clutter and aligning your energy.

Conny Graf is a Swiss certified expert in Finance & Accounting and a certified Clutter Clearing Practitioner, passionate about helping people and entrepreneurs who haaa-ate paperwork and finances.

A cluttered workspace means a cluttered brain. Clutter Clearing is not just about organizing, it’s actually mainly about exploring the (often limiting) beliefs we tell ourselves, the stories that keep us stuck in the past. Dealing with clutter brings us up-to-date with who we are right now and where we are heading in your life and business.

Conny meets her clients where ever they are and takes them on a step by step journey from Chaos to Peace. She shows them how to Clear the Clutter, Tame the File Monster and finally Understand the Finances — which leads to more time and money and more ease and success.

Come on a Journey from Chaos to Peace, start at: www.connygraf.com

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