The 3 Keys To Real Romance: The Formula For True Love Episode #116

I know if you're a a single woman and worrying if you'll ever meet your ideal mate? The truth is you CAN.

If you're in the WRONG relationship or don't attract the right men when dating then there's a reason why.

There's a FORMULA for ATTRACTING real romance and my guest, Barry Selby shares the 3 Keys To Real Romance. It's never too late, and I don't care what your track record has been either. When you understand the formula you can have an amazing relationship.

I even share some of my dating stories! OMG :) I will tell you this, if you're a woman entrepreneur and you're in the WRONG relationship your business will crash. When you are in a supportive relationship your business will soar.

Barry Selby is author, speaker and relationship attraction expert. He is a passionate champion for the divine feminine. His service is helping strong successful committed women to own and live in their feminine power, so they attract their true divine masculine partnership in relationship, and become a powerful force in the world. His book 50 Ways To Love Your Lover is a #1 best-seller, and he is an in-demand inspirational speaker about love, romance and passionate relationship.

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