Proven Strategies to Attract Elite High-Paying Clients

If you want to Breakthrough Your Revenue in your business you need to have a High-End Service. It’s the fastest path to getting you there and it allows you to have more freedom and flexibility in your business and life which is the La Dolce Vita way, and means the sweet life, and it’s how I coach all of my clients that are looking to grow bigger and faster and in a way that feels fulfilling.

The more money you make, the greater you CAN impact the world with your work. It’s important to see money as a powerful tool. If you don’t you’ll spend your days always working for it instead of it working for you. If your mission IS in fact to be a leader don’t fool yourself in thinking you don’t need it. As you can see the people in the world that have the most money control it and do have the most power to influence change whether it’s good or bad. My question to you is why not be one of the influencers that is on a mission to bring change and transform the world with your product or service.

The problem I see for many entrepreneurs that do not grow fast and attract elite high-paying clients is mainly due to undercharging and trying to be all things to all people. I am a big believer in serving the masses globally, which is part of my mission, so there’s a product for everyone, whether it be my books, home-study courses, or even my show,

La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living (which broadcasts on both iTunes and YouTube) I specialize in helping coaches, consultants and business owners to Master Marketing and the Mindset of what it takes to be a Global Influencer in the Market Place.

I learned this success principle years ago when I was undercharging and feeling resentful because I was giving away thousands of my hard-earned material and expertise for next to nothing. You deserve to get paid for all of your certifications, life experiences, investments on your continuing education, and other learning modalities.

“If You Don’t Value or Invest in Yourself, Don’t Expect Elite High-Paying Clients to Invest In You”

How much do you really think you’re worth?

Part of what I teach my elite clients is in order to attract elite high-paying clients, you must be able to see your value and own it. It’s part of my integrated process of using science, psychology and philosophy to start rewiring the neural pathways in your brain because if you don't, then you’ll always attract the same kinds of clients and get the same headaches. In order to GROW, you must think differently, act differently and activate the executive part of your brain that has the capacity to soar!

Think about it this way, what makes you different from someone that charges $1,000 an hour to your $100 an hour with the same skill set?

The answer: Your Belief.

(Please note I never tell clients to charge by the hour but if you were to break down your hourly rate this is what it might look like)

Once I realized this for myself it was an entire new playground of what I knew was possible. This is why you need to spend more time on activating your brain and less time worrying or even thinking some slick marketing gimmick is going to work. Nothing will work in attracting elite high-paying clients unless you OWN YOUR POWER first. Even the great philosophers, Nobel Peace Prize winners, and Leaders knew this SECRET. However, we get caught up in the noise of magical marketing tactics only to find out the true magic is within YOU and your ability to know yourself and OWN YOUR GREATNESS.

Creating Your Elite Branding

Before you do any marketing you need to have a High-End Business and Brand that focuses on Attracting Elite High-Paying Clients. First off let’s identify what exactly is branding and how can it help you with your positioning in the crowded marketplace whether it’s online or offline.

Branding is your company’s way of conveying the experience to your ideal high end client through the use of imagery and marketing messages that demonstrate how using your product or service can help them (Think- solve a problem and/or get to their goal).

In my initial session with my elite clients I use a Proven Process to extract what’s unique about them so that they can create an Elite Brand that expresses this through creating signature system(s) or products and creating imagery that is 100% aligned with who they are.

You don’t want to copy others in their marketing and brand identity because if you do there will be either an unconscious or conscious disconnect in attracting your potential elite high-paying clients. A true leader is born by being a unique expression of who they are and how they show up. As Ayn Rand said, “Be a man with unborrowed vision!” (Or I should say woman!)

Ayn Rand was a Russian-American novelist, philosopher, playwright, and screenwriter. She is known for her two best-selling novels, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged, and for developing a philosophical system she called Objectivism

That’s why knowing who you really are is critical for your success, and this is determined by understanding what their top 3 values are. Once I determine someone’s highest values (everyone lives by their top 3 and no two people on the planet have the same set of values as we all have a different lens in how we view and perceive the world).

From the top 3 highest values, I take the subset of those values to get more specific, which awakens and activates their unique brand. Each client I work with is blown away by the process, because it resonates with their soul. That’s why you should never copy other people because the marketing message won’t convert the same for you.

Recently I was reading a post on Facebook how one woman was disgusted by a leader of a popular women's organization that was telling other entrepreneurs that it was OK to “Rob and steal” other people’s stuff because nothing was new and another person in that group stole this person's information. I find that interesting because with advancement of AI (artificial intelligence) and people like Elon Musk who by the way if you didn't know is working on colonizing Mars...

"Yes, I would like to stay at the Ritz-Carlton on Mars please do you have a King bed with a view?"

So how can you say that there are no new ideas? I call this primitive thinking and preying on the weak minded. I can only lead the ones that are INSPIRED to do something FABULOUS and EXTRAORDINARY with their work in the world.

This is how you stand apart in a crowded marketplace when you truly OWN your POWER by knowing who you truly are and embracing that and expressing it through your brand. I’ve been studying highly successful brands and great leaders of our time and there’s a FORMULA for every person who emerges and stands out. Part of the FORMULA is that each person expressed who they are through their top 3 highest values and wasn’t afraid to be different, or take on great challenges.

The question to ask yourself is..

“What is unique about me or my work?”

“What are the images that convey my highest values?”

“What is the specific marketing message that attracts elite high-paying clients?”

The more your refine this process the more your Bank Account will grow and your Global Mission will be actualized.

This will be the Biggest Breakthrough in your Business


This is where your Dreams Materialize and if feels like MAGIC!

If you don’t believe there’s anything different and unique about yourself, than you’re not looking hard enough. Part of being FABULOUS and extraordinary is going after the challenges. If you sit down and do this work, you’ll soar to the top in the crowded marketplace and leave your immortal imprint and impact in the world.

“ Long Term Vision Builds Your Brand and FABULOUS Life...

Get Rich Quick Thinking Will Cost You Your Business and Life”

That’s why I love working with entrepreneurs that see themselves as leaders with their brand and business. They know that the work they do is rewarding and are willing to pursue both the pain and pleasure of pursuing something worthy. My journey hasn’t been easy and thankfully I had the help of some incredible mentors that believed in me more than I did myself. It was my relentless persistence and my vision of empowering millions all over the world with my message that drove me to keep moving forward.

That’s why the next part of attracting elite high-paying clients is having a mission and purpose that goes beyond your bills. Richard Branson and Bill Gates are great examples of having a high value on reaching millions of people and their vision is aligned with who they are and they also had a high value of themselves. When your vision is vast and clear it’s impossible to get off your path. That’s why you need to have what I call you “Fabulous Statement of Inspiration.”

What do you want to do, be, and have?

Get crystal clear on this because I find it's the #1 thing that stops entrepreneurs from really playing FULL out.

Clarity will be your CATALYST

Each day I read my Fabulous Statement of Inspiration and might change a word or two to make sure it's matching 100% of what I want to, do, be and have.

“Learn How to Become a MASTER of The Marketplace, and Master Who You are and You’ll Never Worry About Money”

Once your vision and brand is clear then it's time to start planning your marketing.

If you learn to become a MASTER of the MARKETPLACE, you’ll never worry about money again.

You might want to read that sentence again!

That’s why it’s important to hire a mentor that can help you master first who you are, I call this the Internal Marketing and then the External Marketing in creating your unique business and brand. Marketing is not a one-time activity either. You need to have the right PLAN based on your business and where you’re at.

For example, when I first started my show, La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living, which is geared towards global entrepreneurs and a lifestyle brand, I had 0 downloads. As I persisted in my marketing efforts and was CONSISTENT in putting out my show…I now have 5k a month in downloads and is growing like crazy! That’s why it’s important to do things in the right way and never give up if you’re not getting traction right away. I don’t believe in gimmicks, I believe in creating a LONG-term vision that yields a huge CONSISTENT harvest over time!

I love helping coaches, consultants, and business owners to Attract Elite High-Paying Clients and once you understand and implement this formula you can use it all the time in your business and marketing strategy and be the INFLUENCER that I know you are.

Think about at least one strategy you can do right now that is part of your long-term marketing strategy and start creating the timeline with next steps and start implementing.

“Forget about the other guy or gal!”

Truth be told, I became very anxious about building my global business because I was so concerned about what Oprah coins “the other guy.” In an interview, she explains the success of the Oprah Winfrey show with each new show that showed up during the time of her show, she realized that focusing on what other people were doing (your competition) takes away your focus. She made it a point to always ask the question, “How can we make the show better?” Her mantra is simple, don’t focus on what “the other guy” is doing, focus on how you can become better. Before I embraced this concept, I constantly worried if I could compete with others and would get triggered by my competitors. Today, I know I am a woman on a mission and no one else matters. What matters is that I am CLEAR on why I am here and what I need to do on a daily basis and you should do the same!

I also had another realization, when you see yourself as a leader in the world with your work and your vision is clear it doesn’t matter how many websites are created, how many Facebook ads with competitors creating empty promises, because the real test is how you see yourself in the world. When you feel like you’re not enough it detracts from your vision, mission, and purpose. Whatever you focus on grows and if you don’t believe me start tracking your dominant thought patterns that are paired with a negative emotions and see if for yourself.

The proof is there and I can tell you countless stories where I have sabotaged my own success because I was so in my head, beating myself up because I hadn’t reached what I thought was the peak of my success. It took me years before I realized that this was one of the single biggest drawbacks that was holding me back from really making a difference in my income and impact in the world!

Be true to yourself and watch out world!

Here's to Living your La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living,


P.S. Let me know what you think and what challenges you are struggling with when it comes to creating a business and brand that is unique and one where you CAN attract elite high-paying clients.

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