7 Secrets to Manifest Your FABULOUS Business and LIFE in 2017 and Beyond

It's well into January and my phone is ringing off the hook with clients that are FED up and FRUSTRATED wanting to CATAPULT to the next level. They've invested in themselves before and it hasn't worked They've tried it on their own and it hasn't worked They're blocking their success by not knowing what's going on They've chased the shiny objects until they start beating themselves up mentally When I first speak with them they have the idea first that they need some slick marketing plan and have signed up for numerous programs that haven't worked or they're creating unconscious programs that are keeping them stuck because they were missing some critical things that is exactly what I help my ELITE coaching clients with and I want to share these with you because it will MAKE you MONEY or it will BREAK you.

So if you're READY to create a business that supports your FABULOUS life then READ ON for my 7 Secrets to Manifest Your FABULOUS Business and Life in 2017 and Beyond!

You need to MASTER who you are and that means learning how to REPROGRAM Your Mindset for SUCCESS. You might think it's a bunch of affirmations but it's so much more than that...it's about going deeper to find out what SPECIFICALLY has been holding you back. Here are my 7 Secrets to Manifest Your Fabulous Business and Life in 2017 and Beyond!

1. Being Able to Dissolve Guilt or Shame For example, if you have guilt or shame about anything in your life this unconsciously will run a program that creates a feedback loop in repeating the same patterns that have kept you stuck. In order to breakthrough this, you must be willing to neutralize any negative charge which can be a person or a situation. I've worked with entrepreneurs and global leaders world-wide and once we go through this process what happens is that their sphere of awareness opens up and the money and opportunities FLOW to them. Also any area of your life that is disempowered, someone or something will overpower it. This will directly IMPACT your INCOME. Trust me on this!

2. Knowing Who You Are This is part of OWNING your POWER and unleashing the most FABULOUS version of yourself. Truth be told, most people don't know who they really are and as a result succumb to the outside forces which robs you of your focus, your mission and purpose. I remember being in one crappy relationship after another where I would give my damn power away to a man. They would try to bring me down by telling me I couldn't do want I wanted to do... they tried to stomp on my vision, and as a result my world and business almost crumbled.

When I lost my aunt a few years back to stage 4 breast cancer it was a WAKE UP call for me at the time. I was with a boyfriend that was so misaligned and didn't value you me. Her death was the final straw for me to examine my life and take a stand and leave him. As a result, I was able to do my best month in sales at $100k. I have to tell you, I was scared and second guessing myself but my FEELINGS were FEEDBACK mechanisms to make me my most authentic and FABULOUS self. I was able to be strong and do whatever it took! Part of the reason as to why I could breakaway and take a stand for me was that I hired a coach that was able to call me out and help me regain my power that was once lost. Have you ever let someone overpower you? It doesn't

have to be a relationship either. It doesn't feel good does it?

3. Creating the Beliefs that will Catapult YOU to Stepping into your BIGGER Mission and Purpose You might have a big FABULOUS vision but if you don't believe in yourself, then you won't take the action and therefore, you won't get results. Your belief is the DRIVING force that determine EXACTLY how much money you make or not. If you don't believe me then ask yourself what do I believe? Then go ahead and log into your bank account online and let me know if you are really making ....the money in your account reflects your beliefs about yourself. I know it might feel painful but in order to radically shift

you must create an awareness about this and do not beat yourself up either. Your money situation and story CAN change quickly!

One of my LDV Elite clients created a business deal to merge with a $16 million dollar company because we changed her entire way she perceived and believed about her business! We worked on the INSIDE first to change her bank account.

4. Having the RIGHT Marketing Plan that Brings in Consistent High Reoccurring Income Not one size fits all with your marketing. Many times when I sit down with a new client I won't have them do a million things when it comes to creating their marketing message and services. I find each client is unique so I meet them where they are at and where they want to go and grow. Often it takes a few subtle tweaks to multiply their income in record time! 5. Organized and Being Ordered in Your Business Most clients that come to me have no idea about their cash flow or highest priority action steps which is the single biggest factor in changing how much you make. I've created a Formula where each client that comes on-board knows exactly what to do each day so that they can reach their goals. We track and measure their cash flow and guess what it GROWS. This means MORE money flowing fabulously into your bank account each month! Basically, I take the guess work out for them and help them to be ordered and organized. You know the saying "Whatever you focus on GROW!"

6. Consistent Marketing The degree of how you are consistent and persistent in your marketing will dictate your outcome and income. Success leaves clues! This means having a consistent plan that works for your business that you IMPLEMENT. I devise marketing themes for the week or day depending what your goals are and it takes the pressure off of you wondering what you should do and gets you out of information and overwhelm overload. 7. Mastering Elite Enrollment, Packaging, and Pricing You can have the best certifications and training but that means nothing if you can't sell what you offer. Being able to Attract and Convert Elite clients CAN be easy once you have a Proven and Predictable Process. You need to be able to show people the value because people will only whip out their credit cards to pay you if you can show them. What you don't want to do is tell people how FABULOUS your service or product is (which I am sure it is) rather you want to people to get them emotional and find out what they really want. This also means being able to create elite packages and price them accordingly if you are a service based business. Do you need some help? Do you want to live your La Dolce Vita Life: The Formula For Fabulous Living and reach new HIGHS in your business and soar to top?

If so I can help. In my Elite Planning Session, I help you to gain clarity on all of these 7 Secrets and show you how to go to $100k or breakthrough to the next level. By application only! If you're serious and know you are truly FABULOUS and feel overwhelmed then you'll love this session. Fabulous Visionaries Click Here!

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