Do this and WATCH your business GROW beyond belief

The other day when I was driving my mind was elsewhere and guess what happened?

I hit a curb and tore my tire.

RUH ROH (that is what my Chihuahua, Frankie Lee would say)

The minute I did it I had the thought…

“You see what happens when you’re not present…

you ATTRACT situations to get your attention!”

It's something I teach my ELITE clients when going to the next level of their business but the funny thing is I was out of my own alignment.

The SECRET to MASTERING your business growth and making more money and impact in the world is being present and focused.

I know that sounds simple, yet it’s so true..

The other day I was coaching one of my La Dolce Vita Elite Clients and a similar thing happened to her. She had created outrageous success by working together and positioned herself to sell her business. However, her focus became unclear when she had to wrap up the loose ends of her business she felt distracted and annoyed because it wasn’t something she wanted to do. I mentioned to her if she didn't shift this then something else would happen to throw her off.

The key was to put her in to a present state and be 100% laser focused so that she could enjoy the journey and celebrate her success.

Have you ever felt distracted and found yourself focused on everything that you didn’t want?

I know for years I constantly beat myself up mentally because I wasn't’ where I wanted to be. Every time I did that, I would take a step backwards in my business. It was a vicious cycle that went on for years.

Finally, it stopped when I got to a point of almost losing my entire business.

I know for some people they have to breakdown before they can breakthrough. I hope that’s not you, but if it is realize the more you focus on what you don't want you will go backwards in your business. I knew I had to get it together mentally if I wanted to get out of survival mode and create a thriving business that I actually loved.

I went on a journey to study and absorb many different aspects of human potential and how powerful the mind really is to reach your highest potential.

It finally clicked!

As I upgraded my brain and programmed a new self-image of success, my business started booming!

I was in the flow and opportunities were coming to me like MAGIC!

I remember thinking that “This is crazy and AMAZING!”

It was so powerful that I started implementing the science, psychology, and philosophy of how to change my focus that in turn changed the flow of everything in my business.

The great thing about my job is that it’s so easy to spot your blind spots and get you to the next level if you follow EXACTLY what I tell you to do. This literally can shave off years in ACHIEVING your revenue goals!

Instead of slaving away trying to push harder you allow yourself to be fully present and FOCUS on your FORMULA for FABULOUS living. Once you understand your unique formula that activates the executive center in your brain you become an ELITE leader in the world with your work.

Do you want to be a leader and influencer in your business that attracts ELITE clients and more opportunities?

First, you must know that Elite Entrepreneurs and Leaders focus on high priority tasks to get MAXIMUM impact and income. This means getting off of Facebook and reading through garbage and rants! Instead you want to look at generating leads, enrolling clients and speaking to get your message out there.

I have all my clients focus on these things and aligning their mind to their vision.

Every day is a NEW opportunity for you to soar.

Every day you have the POWER to take any negative situation and shift your mind so that you can find solutions. Every day you have the POWER to be present and focused on things that give you the HIGHEST return on your efforts

You have to be FOCUSED to win You have to be PRESENT to connect with prospective clients You have to be ALL IN to make it happen

My question to you is this…

Do you have a plan to shift your focus and the right marketing strategy to get you there? Your plan must include the following:

  • FOCUS on the end result

  • Reverse engineer how to get there

  • Schedule out your day/week/month to key high priorities (List building, lead generation, sales-which can be either online, offline, or both)

  • Measure what I call your Money Metrix-For every thing you do measure your results (I have created a specific system for my clients to do this so that they know exactly what to focus on)

  • Create your GLOBAL vision so you are acting like a CEO and not an employee

  • Have a daily mental practice that aligns your vision, mission, and purpose

  • Hire a mentor or coach to help you to implement the plan and hold you accountable

Let me know if you’re finally ready to play on a bigger scale!

You have what it takes now it’s time to get FOCUSED.

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