How to make a GLOBAL impact online with your product or service {IMPORTANT!}

Recent picture of ABC-TV Portland (sharing my message of INSPIRATION)

The other day I posted this the day after the election on my Facebook page

“My message today for everyone is this (paraphrased by William James, an American philosopher and psychologist) "We as human beings have the remarkable ability to CHANGE the way we PERCEIVE things."

That being said, STOP focusing on problems and start creating what you want... that means not participating in any perceived doom and gloom talk.

Fear is a driving force to FAIL. One person with one mission can do remarkable things.

IMAGINE if everyone felt this way.

Even Warren Buffet said unless you manage your emotions; don't expect to manage a business or anything in your life for that matter. Why spend your time posting about drama when you could be involved in your community or on a global level of how you want things to be.

Love and hugs to people here to start waking up to be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE.

I want to take this a step further and show you how you can dramatically CHANGE anything in your business and life.

Fear is the DRIVING force that impedes entrepreneurs to be truly successful.

You might be fearful if….

You are going through a divorce so you decide to put the brakes on your business.

You have done things before to get your name out there online but don’t have any success so you think nothing works.

You’ve invested a truck load of money on get rich quick scams instead of building a business the RIGHT way with a mentor that INSPIRES you, has your back and wants you to be outrageously successful. This can only be done through reprogramming your mind for success and having the RIGHT strategy.

You don’t want to put yourself out there because you’re so afraid of what other people might think. Wayne Dyer says it best “Other people’s opinions are none of your business.” Stop wasting time caring about the naysayers. It’s your LIFE so take your POWER back!

You’re constantly going through the feast and famine cycle of cash flow in your business and feel there is no end in sight!

You’re sick of being deeply indebt and the fear keeps you from playing on a bigger scale.

First off you need to realize that you are more powerful than you realize!

You need to CHANGE your perception and when you do your beliefs and energy shifts, therefor everything changes! This means MORE CASH FLOW and alignment with your purpose.


The other day one of my Elite clients was crumbling and crying because she was faced with the decision of getting divorce. The fear paralyzed her and she couldn’t do anything, it literally shut her down emotionally.

Have you ever been triggered by a situation where your entire world stops?

I know I have, and I can tell you it hurt my business and every area of my life, until I knew how to turn things around. At one point I thought I had to shut down my business because I was an emotional and financial disaster. However, I was able to turn this around AND you can too!

Here’s what happened with the client… I immediately picked up the phone to call her (Yes, this is what I do if a client is emotional – I bring them back to BALANCE because I care).

First, I calmed her emotions by simply helping her to be present. You can’t CHANGE anything or solve your problems if you’re focused on FEAR and freaking out.

The best thing to do if this happens to you is focus on your breathing and try to remain present, it’s when you focus on FEAR which is a projection in the future that you perceive more GAIN than loss…more PAIN than pleasure that literally takes over your philology and psychology.

I then begin to walk her through a process of showing her how she didn’t have to be fearful and in fact what she was going through in that moment would actually be a huge BREAKTHROUGH for her and that this moment she could make a decision of how she was going to show up in the world and to her children.

This conversation was LIFE CHANGING too! Later on that night she was able to workout and realign herself to her mission.

Since this was a new business for her she was still working on selling her programs and in two weeks of strategizing and reprogramming her mind for success she has already generated a few thousand in revenue.

Whatever you are going through realize that you are FABULOUS and everything you want starts with the seed of intention. Those seeds of intention need to be fueled with INSPIRED daily action and the RIGHT strategy.

You have what it takes, so go out there and show the world how to OWN your POWER, OWN your Greatness and Play on a BIGGER scale.

Here’s to living La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living!


P.S. Reply to this email or post if you found it helpful or you’re still in your head! I actually reply to my emails because I care about making a difference in your business and life!

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