Episode #101: The Formula for FABULOUS beauty with guest Leah Patterson of MOVE MAKEUP

Leah Patterson is a holistic beauty and wellness coach that provides high performing women with the guidance they need to create an overall lifestyle of mind, body, and spirit balance. She calls it Goddess Lifestyle Coaching. She blogs about holistic skincare and beauty, wellness tips and techniques, and occasionally shares her adventures running a boutique beauty makeup line for active women named MOVE Makeup and spreading the love of salsa – the dance not the sauce – in her big little city of Little Rock, AR. From chemical engineering to herb garden stewarding, Leah considers herself fortunate to have explored her passions in many different ways. Ask her one day how a ChemE grad ends up teaching holistic beauty and wellness and she’ll gladly invite you for a virtual cup of coffee to tell you all about it. Fun fact: Peanut, chocolate, and banana smoothies are the way to her heart! Learn more about Leah Patterson, creator of MOVE MAKE UP www.leahpatterson.com Go to www.HeatherShowGift.com to download my FREE COACHES/CONSULTANTS toolkit to be successful online!

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