Episode #100: FORMULA for Fearless living and breaking through limiting beleifs with Mary Ann Halpin

Is FEAR holding you back from pursuing your dreams?

Fear is actually a good thing because it's an emotion for you to look at.

Mary Ann Halpin call herself the GODDESS of photography and uses her images to EMPOWER women.

Recently she sent me her book "Fearless Women" which was FABULOUS.

Each woman she portrayed in her book share their formula for using fear as a catalyst.

You can check out her book here: https://www.amazon.com/Fearless-Women-Visions-New-World/dp/0985114304

Do you need help finding your formula for fabulous living? Would you like to take your unique service or gift and bring it to the world?

If so make sure you grab your free gift over at www.HeatherShowGift.com or contact me directly at heather@heatherpicken.com.


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