How to BREAKTHROUGH your Profit Plateau

Let me ask you a question…

Are you getting in your own way of success?

You know you have a block because you want to go to the next level of your business but for some reason you just can't breakthrough.

The blocks might look like some of the following for you:

I’m afraid to raise my prices for fear of my prospective clients will say no

I’m avoiding asking for the sale or CALLING prospective clients that I know could benefit from my work

I have no idea how to create MORE visibility that will help me attract and convert more of my IDEAL ELITE clients online or offline

I feel OVERWHELMED so I will just do nothing and stay in my comfort zone

I’ve tried so many things and have failed

In this post I will share with you How to Breakthrough your Profit Plateau.

First lets look at some of the ways you block yourself and sabotage your success and what you need to breakthrough.

You must have an effective STRATEGY

For example, you might be asking yourself the following things:

I’m not sure what direction to take

I don’t know what to focus on

I have a goal in mind but I have no idea how to get there

I’m not sure how to position myself or my brand, so I will stand out in the marketplace

I’m unclear about my offers and pricing

I’m not sure what to start doing or stop doing or ramp up what I am doing

I talk to coaches, consultants, and practitioners all the time that have the same problems and as a result they find themselves stuck because of their strategy or lack of strategy.

One of my ELITE clients that I work with when she came to me she was so unorganized in her business that I started helping her overhaul everything and FOCUS on selling her online mastermind program in about 3 weeks. After I helped her to clarify what she needed specifically for her business she generated $30,000 whereas before she was so overwhelmed not really knowing what to focus on and just stayed stuck. She even hired other coaches to help her but they couldn’t see what I saw that needed fixing in her business so that she could go to the next level.

The next piece you need in order to shift and breakthrough your profit plateau is the following…

You must have an effective SKILLSET

Skillset is another important piece of the equation. What do you need to MASTER in order to breakthrough?

Is it sales?

Is it how you coach people or deliver your services?

Do you need up your game and learn a specialized skill that would increase you income?

You will get paid to the degree of how you solve other people’s problems.

For example, lets say you help people to get healthier and you have a nutrition program that you create for your clients. However, if you were to skill up and also understand the psychology of how people sabotage themselves when they are looking to lose weight then you produce a different result. This increases your value at an entirely new level. When you skill up, you also feel MORE CONFIDENT. Having MORE CONFIDENCE always helps you to increase your income.

Since I have raised my prices for my top Elite private program, which is $30k to work with me for an entire year, I’ve noticed that that my ELITE clients have received greater results and I’ve attracted higher quality clients all together as they are playing on a different level.

Think about how you can do the same for you business.

The next thing you need to breakthrough your profit plateau is this…

You must have an effective MINDSET

Your mind is the DRIVING force behind you taking action or inaction. One of the things I work with in my Elite coaching programs is showing you how to MASTER your mindset. This is responsible for your perceptions, beliefs, and habits; which makes the difference from just getting by to creating a 6-7 figure business. I’ve seen so many of my client’s double, even triple their income by just working on their mindset alone. It’s the catalyst for everything. I have a specific process that my ELITE clients follow and I measure their results in a few different ways. First I know their beliefs have shifted by the way they are FEELING. Your feelings will drive you to do and be more or stay STUCK.

Which would you prefer? Staying stuck and never realizing your true potential or soaring to new heights and creating goals that you actually accomplish because you have a mindset that supports it?

The funny thing is you DECIDE if you want to be successful. It really is simple yet so many people make it hard because they are listening to the voice of the past or get caught in the trap of needing the approval of others in getting permission to live an extraordinary life. Success IS a choice!

You don’t have to be stuck either, so just know if you’re not where you want to be in your business it is that you are CHOOSING to stay there. You will do that because you are AVOIDING doing something that you PERCEIVE as painful. There’s actually a benefit to you because avoiding something will allow you not to feel fearful. The problem with this kind of thinking is that your business will never grow and you’ll do just enough to get by. Living a get by life is dangerous because if you’re not willing to change your paradigm you’ll find others in your industry crushing it and leaving you in the dust.

My job is to show you that CHANGE doesn’t have to be painful. When I hold you accountable and illuminate the truth for you and your potential your entire business and life changes. I can see what you can’t

I can INSPIRE you to have the right strategy and systems in place for growing your business and attracting ELITE clients

I can show you how to ask for the sale and get it!

I can shift your beliefs to creating an online business where you feel confident and unstoppable

The last thing I want to share with you in helping you to reach the next level is having a big vision.

You must have a BIG VISION

This is important if you desire to create MASSIVE WEALTH. All of the greatest leaders and the most successful businesses and entrepreneurs realize this.

First, why is it important to have a BIG VISION?

When you have a BIG VISION you start thinking of how you can impact others with your product or service. The end result is, you dissolve the fear that you have because your FOCUS is bigger. You also go beyond just paying your bills. You open up to new ideas and creativity for your MILLION DOLLAR idea or even BILLION DOLLAR empire. I spend hours a day just studying some of the greatest leaders and influencers to reverse engineer the formula for massive wealth and what I’m sharing with you is part of that formula.

Here’s the deal, if you’re frustrated with your profits and have hit a plateau realize that YOU are the common dominator and you have the power to change it. Once you identify what is BLOCKING you the most you can change it. If you need a better sales process, once you put that in place your income will skyrocket. If you feel that you need a higher skill set to charge what you’re worth, once you work on yourself you will get it. Or maybe you need a better online strategy to attract and convert leads.

Here's to living La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living!™


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