What my mentor said that TRANSFORMED my business and life

I have invested a lot in my business over the years and what I’ve learned and have become to realize is wisdom that I can impart to my clients.

This wisdom generates MORE MONEY, MORE FREEDOM and they are living what I call - La Dolce Vita: The Formula for Fabulous Living.

If you understand the POWER you can ACTIVATE when you are around people that have been there BEFORE you, you’re getting life and business lessons that will CATAPULT you to the next level of success.

When you do nothing and don’t invest in your INSPIRATION and also think nothing works (because you’ve tried everything - which is actually a LIE because it's an excuse your hiding behind) then you stay in a holding pattern that creates resentment and frustration.

I help people ACCELERATE their businesses and the moment they start ACTING and IMPLEMENTING like a CEO instead of an employee, it’s then and only then when they start to ATTRACT the kind of clients that are a match, they CHARGE what they are worth, and start creating BIGGER goals because they are congruent with themselves. When you set goals that are doable you will set even BIGGER ones.

Lets say you want to generate $10k in the next 90 days and you accomplish it because you’ve already learned how to make $5k, once that goal is reached your mind EXPANDS to go to the next level.

“You hold yourself back by not delegating…you can only grow as far as you can streamline, prioritize, and delegate.”

The above quote is from a mentor who understood the value in helping build billion dollar businesses.

You need to see yourself as a leader and act like a CEO in your business and as a result you INCOME will SKYROCKET.

“When you VALUE yourself, so will the world. You will be REWARDED to the degree of how you show up, so when you play small don’t expect others to invest in you.”

This quote I truly got when I was in a place of attracting clients that were a pain to work with. They were whiners and played the victim role. I was desperate to get clients and anytime you are in desperation you will ATTRACT more of the same.


As soon as I started valuing myself MORE and investing MORE in my INSPIRED mission and vision for my business that was when things DRAMATICALLY turned around.

You see, anyone can teach you marketing and to be honest it’s not hard to attract ELITE clients once you have the RIGHT FORMULA that works for your business. However, what I find that MOST entrepreneurs are missing is the ability to MASTER their mindset and being able to VALUE oneself enough to where their income skyrockets and their entire world view starts changing because of this one inner shift.

Mastering yourself means knowing how to SEE yourself as a leader in your industry and that you want to make a global impact with your work.

“In order to create massive wealth you must have 2 things other worth and self worth”

Bill gates and other great influencers and leaders understood this proven success principle in creating wealth. You have to have a value on yourself with your product or service being a catalyst for change and you know you’re worth it, along with have a vision of serving a vast number of people.

When I help my clients create an Elite Client Blueprint it involves reprogramming their mind for success and creating a marketing strategy to attract perfectly high paying clients so that their entire business and life is transformed. Once they do this they are no longer staying stuck in the energy of broke thinking.

“They are the VICTOR in their life and not the victim”

The shift for you will be this...

I know I am


The last quote I want to leave you with from one of my mentors is this….

“When the voice and the vision is louder on the inside than the voices on the outside, it is then you begin to MASTER your life”

It’s time to blaze the trail of your own uniqueness and don’t let anyone else stand before you to tell you that you can’t do it!


P.S. Find the FORMULA that makes you unique and that’s when your entire business and life will change!


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