How to create your business around your LIFESYTLE

Have you ever dreamed about working anywhere in the world with your business yet right now you feel trapped because you don’t have the freedom to do so?

Or maybe you’ve never been to other countries and would love to figure out how you COULD do it all while running your online coaching, consulting or healing practice?

This was my thought years ago

I asked my self this EMPOWERING QUESTION…

“How can I do what I LOVE and make an IMPACT in the world where I could work ANYWHERE in the world?”

I held onto that question and didn’t have the answer but was on a quest to make it happen.

Here’s what I did to make it happen and so can you….

Step 1.

First I got CLEAR on my MISSION, VISION, and PURPOSE. My mission was to EMPOWER millions with my work and I knew that would happen through a combination of the clients I was working with that saw themselves as LEADERS with a BIG MISSION and PURPOSE like me. When I impact my top clients that are leaders they impact thousands as well.

I didn’t have all the details but I knew that would come later.

I want you to realize if you have a burning desire to do something EXTRAORDINARY with your life and have a vast vision of serving MILLIONS you will get paid to the degree of your vision.

That’s why I STOPPED working with clients who would only focus on paying the bills. You see having a small goal and focusing only on yourself will only cover your bills and maybe if you’re lucky a few more dollars to spend.

Many of our greatest influencers and leaders like Bill Gates and Oprah understood this concept and that’s why they are not only the richest people on the planet but they are making the biggest changes in the world.

MONEY is a tool to EMPOWER not just yourself but the world!

Thinking small will not change the world.

Having a BIG VISION will allow you to build your wealth so you NEVER worry about money and you’re doing something that will create a ripple affect.

Who would you rather be? An INFLUENCER? Or someone that only focuses on just getting by?

When I work with my La Dolce Vita clients I show them how to create a vision that supports this. It’s beyond saying a bunch of affirmations. They are creating what I called a statement of FABULOUS Inspiration and without this you’ll find you will always fall short of your goals…you won’t do what it takes.

By creating this statement you’ll find your brain starts rewiring itself because you’re no longer in the space of playing small. You start upgrading your mindset to be unstoppable. Once you do this, the ELITE clients will show up!

One of my recent clients I’ve been speaking about is selling her business for MILLIONS. If she didn’t have a big vision this wouldn’t be possible.

Step 2.

Now that you have a clear vision the next piece I like to help my clients with is creating a list of all the FABULOUS places they want to travel to. You might not want to travel all around the world but maybe you just want the FREEDOM to take family vacations and not worry about where the money is coming from. You can take a few weeks off or work if you wish. The whole idea is to create your business around your lifestyle.

I am a BIG believer in VISUALIZING your success. In fact, I have a process that I take my LDV clients through that helps them to activate the executive center in their brain so they can start seeing the EVIDENCE that things are ON THE WAY instead of IN THE WAY.

Step 3

Creating the plan

Now that you are CLEAR about what you want to do, be, and have you need to create a plan that will get you there. Understanding how to attract ELITE clients should be part of the plan.

It could look something like this

Level 1 Group clients at $2k-5k

Level 2 Private clients $3k-$5k

Level 3 Elite clients $30k

You get 10 ELITE clients that’s $300k

Now the question is how do you get there? The answer is simple and this is EXACTLY what I teach. You start out with the concept of getting clients into level 1 and 2. Some might be ready to go to level 3 right away too! You move people through each level or at least one of them because it’s easier to get a client to move to the next level then start them out at the $30k level.

You also want an enrollment process that you can take people through where they SEE the value. People don’t make a decision based on price, they make a decision on whether or not if they SEE the value.

Your ability to make more money is dependent on how you SEE your own value and worth. When you invest in yourself and value who you are, you’ll find that being congruent you’ll attract more of your ideal paying clients.

When you play small you ATTRACT small.

I have to admit when I first wanted to do this for myself I was in my head and nervous. However, after I reprogramed my mind for success and how I was making a difference in the world. EVERYTHING changed.

I started to have people reach out to me! Clients would call me out of the blue because they heard me on the radio or some other marketing channel I had created.

That’s why it’s so important to POSITION yourself as a leader and have a message that ATTRACTS and CONVERTS your ELITE clients.

This is why the inner work is necessary for you to claim your LIFESTYLE and be the go to person your clients want to work with.

FOCUS on the end result.

Start seeing yourself having the FREEDOM and lifestyle you’ve always desired.

Take CONSISTENT action towards this VISION every single day.

If you want off the hamster wheel this your ticket to FREEDOM.

Make the decision today that you DESERVE to have it all!

Here’s to living La Dolce Vita: The Formula For Fabulous Living™


P.S. In a few weeks I will be in Miami living my LDV lifestyle. There’s no limits as to what you CAN do, be, and have!

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